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snow shovel on the mountain and line maintenance by skiers

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Squaw is a rocky place, almost all scree, and in certain conditions, light snow coverage, wind scour access to some lines is blocked by exposed rock. I know, just walk over it with your skis on, no big deal. And yet, let's suppose that doing that numerous times a day 100 days a year is more damage to my edges than I can tolerate. I propose that the ski area hang a shovel on a post adjacent to the rocky area. skiers could throw some snow over the rocks each run. the problem: easier access to good lines for too many skiers. the solution: don't cover the rocks, make a small kicker so skiers can jump the bare section if they're able. cool , eh? I suggested this to Squaw, but got ignored. any suggestions? think it's a workable plan? there are skiers at Squaw who have told me that they regularly maintain a line that they may be repeatedly hammering. cool! Last year I had to take care of an awesome little patch of chalk up in the Palisades and cringed every time some chop and slash type skier rode the line. maintaining the hill, a cool idea. thoughts?
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Logical extension of the fill-in-your-sitz-marks school of etiquette. OTOH, could lead to serious territorialism if you feel like it's "your" patch since you maintain it. Or proposals that only people who ski a certain way should be allowed to rip it...
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The problem with everyone 'maintaining lines' is everyone has a different opinion as to what should be done. For instance, let's use your kicker idea. Let's say you spend 15 minutes building a kicker to clear those rocks, you ski the line and come back for another run...meanwhile I've come to the same line but feel sketched out by your jump, so I take the handy shovel and use the snow from your jump to cover the rocks I want to sidestep over. You come back and see the jump gone, so you grab the shovel and rebuild, but now your starting to expose rocks above the rocks so you move the kicker back a bit...see the problem?
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shovel what you want to. If the masses don't like it, they will take it down.

Mobs rule.
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Carry your own shovel and do what you want. If someone doesn't like it....you'll be told.

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Can you take your skis off and walk it?
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OK, it's arrogant to wish that a choppy or otherwise graceless skier would not ski a line one likes very much, but isn't that the nature of skiers? I guess it's clear that unless you ski a line that intimidates most others, you will have to share it. And yeah, the first time someone suggested I take care of the hill like he did, I only couldn't imagine hanging around sidestepping and sideslipping while everyone was shreading the mountain. then I kind of went along, but sure can't expect anyone else to share the notion. taking skis off and walking almost every run, every day gets tedious, when a few shovels of snow would let you slip right through. Crowded mountains and aggressive skiers create some issues, that's why we dig those storm days.
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