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Mammoth is Open

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Mammoth opened at about 10 am this morning. It was supposed to open at 8:30, but they made snow as long as they could, and had to groom before opening. Only Broadway was open, but the snow was pretty good, and the coverage was much better than I expected. Yesterday, they were unsure about opening, but somehow they blew a ton of snow last night, and pulled it off. Hopefully, we will get some cold temps next week, and open some more terrain. Saddle and Cornice Bowls don't look to far away.
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Nice! I may head up after they've had a few more days to make snow. I haven't skied Mammoth since I left LA, any idea how long it takes to drive from the Bay Area?
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Right now you can probably get here in five hours, but that will proably change Sat evening. If Tioga, and Sonora close, it is a pretty long haul, and probably Tahoe will get snow by then.

The skiing today was pretty good. They made a ton of snow last night, and Broadway was really fun. They are also blowing on Fascination and Seasame St until 9:30 am.
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