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Tahoe at Easter Questions

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I am currently planning the annual western trip with my son. He is a college student and their spring break lines up with Easter this year. Would I be crazy to plan a trip to Tahoe at that time. Easter is March 23rd this year so I am presuming that conditions would be pretty optimal but I am worried about the crowds even mid-week. I would like to spend 3 days in SLT and 3 days in Reno. Plan to hit SAT, Heavenly, Kirkwood, Squaw and Alpine Meadows. Would be skiing them the Monday after Easter through the following Saturday.

Any advice would be appreciated with regard to the crowds and the likely conditions.
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Crowds are gone by Easter.

Conditions typically are warm spring skiing by that time of year. Sunglasses, sunscreen and skiing with just a vest.

But, there is always a chance that the storm door will be open and it will be mid-winter like storms.

BTW: Skiing is usually pretty good at Squaw and Alpine through April.
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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post
Crowds are gone by Easter.
Normally you would be correct. But Easter is really early this year and coincides with the prime spring break period. I think the OP has some justification for his concerns about crowds.
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Some justification, perhaps. But not much. By late March, most of the fair weather skiers' thoughts have turned to baseball. I've never seen a bad lift line in Tahoe in late March, particularly mid-week.

I would probably not stay in Reno to ski Squaw and Alpine. There will be decent lodging prices much closer to the slopes. Join the Granite Chief Club at Squaw Valley Lodge's website, and check out Granlibakken's deals -- they run shuttles to both places, including the back side of Alpine when it's open.

As far as the choice of resorts... what do you like to ski?
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Crowds are gone by Easter.
About half the K-12 school districts in California have Easter week off. And this is as early as Easter week ever comes, so it's going to overlap a few other spring breaks more than normal. But you're doing the week after Easter, which just a few of the districts have off.

I think your plan is good. You have lots of areas to choose, and if you avoid Heavenly/Squaw/Northstar on weekends you should have few problems.
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There is no place convenient to Kirkwood. If you only want to crash once, Reno is best. It's only 40 minutes to Squaw or Alpine or Northstar via route 80. It's also only about 40 minutes south on 395 and over 50 to SLT and Heavenly. And 20 minutes to the unknown Mount Rose. The Reno casinos are cheap to stay and eat and have evening entertainment. Alternatively, there are a slew of small cheap motels in both SLT and Kings Beach. The Tahoe basin is actually the world's largest blue-collar ski area (if that's not an oxymoron). My son and I have done the same for quite a few years. Great fun.
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