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My Annual Whistler warning

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I just wanted to give any Whistler visitors a warning regarding car rental. Avoid the Vancouver Budget office. They hit many, myself included, with ridiculous charges for "damage". A stone chip of about 1/8th inch cost me $684! The inspection was crazy. They were going to find something, no question. Visa covered it, but it was a hassle. Sounds like it happens all the time. Otherwise, a great trip. Just thought you should know.
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It happened to me too. SOBs. take pictures and make him write down every little detail - if you have to rent it from
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I'm renting a car now from Enterprise while my car is in the shop getting a dent fixed. They have a $14 a day insurance that covers everything, worth it to me not to have to worry.
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They did the same thing to me as well. I use Hertz in Vancouver and they are far more reasonable.
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I love Whistler and wonder with the walking village why you would rent a car? But thanks for the info that sux!!
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