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Corduroy is for pants.
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When in the trees.......

" Avoid the Bono "

RIP Sonny
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Tree? What Tre
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A friend of mine used this whille we were discussing what the retreating snow was exposing "Logs, stumps, rocks, dead snowboarders' bones...."
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I think this says it all.
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If you can't ski, do tricks
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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post
If you can't ski, do tricks

ooohhh, I dare you to post at TGR!
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"I'm poaching chutes like people poach eggs"
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No falls, no B@!!$.
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It's gettin steeper and I'm likin it

This is were you put it all together and let 'er buck
Sean Smith

Just gotta go from one set of turnin sides to the other set of turnin sides

Thank dog'l hunt
Brian Maguire

You gunna talk or you gunna ski
clinic participant at PSIA event

Get up=what to tell people when they fall down.
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Stay high - stay dry.

Get the *&%# out of my way!

In reference to the skiers code as it pertains to skiing closed runs: "It's really more of a suggestion."
(borrowed or stolen from Captain Jack Sparrow.)

My least favorite: "If you want to improve your skiing you should get some new boots."
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ski naked it adds color to your cheeks.... that is my personal favorite 

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"Ass,Cash, or Grass. No one rides for free."

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Ski a Lite Stick ---  Bruce Holthouse, Taos Ski Patrol,  1979


When in Doubt,  Air it Out ... John Egan, Sugarbush


No one ever got hurt in the air,  it’s the landing that’ll get you .. John Egan 


If it’s brown , go around ... Terry Barbour , Mad River Glen


Ice is Nice ... Terry Barbour, Mad River Glen


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"There is no such thing as bad snow, only bad skiers"

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"You can't get hurt skiing, unless you fall."

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Originally Posted by RickDerris View Post


Corduroy is for pants.


I love this one.



How about:


"If you ain't fallin you're not tryin hard enough"

"Every turn is a sign of fear"

"Silly rabbit tricks are for kids"



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There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment.


It especially applies to the "it's cold out" crew.

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"Just because I slept with your doesn't mean I'll ski with you"

"Short skis suck, big skis truck"

"There are no friends on a powder day"


3 life lessons for every ski bum to live by...

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This comes out of Big White BC.


"Grays on Trays."  Fitting for  old snowboarders.

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From our very own Bob Barnes


There are two different kinds of conditions - Good and good for you.


If you want a good taste of powder, you've got to eat some.



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Several favorites, some semi-famous, some not:


Scooter LeCouter: "Turn the mothers."

My MRG friend Steve: "You can ski the grass."

My Madesimo friend Luigi (much more sage than it seems): "Concentrate on what you're doing."


And my all-time favorite, from a guide named JT at Great Canadian Heliskiing, a great guy, always smiling. JT skied every day, either as a patroller at Norquay or at Great Canadian. Must have logged at least a thousand epic powder days in his career. After a pretty good (though to us guests, near-epic) shot in ankle-deep through some trees, a smiling JT screams:

 "Man, I love skiing."

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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post


If you can't ski, do tricks


sorta like "if you can't land it, don't air it"

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When someone tells me that Randonee is French for "cant tele", I (a full blooded Norwegian) tell them that telemark is Norwegian for "can't <ski> alpine".

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"Telemark, a license to ski badly."

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Telemarkers wobble but they don't fall down. 

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"Turning is a sign of weakness."


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everytime i lead someone down a run they're nervous about i ask: "what's the worst that could happen?"

not very inspiring, i know, yet they always make it down.

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Originally Posted by RickDerris View Post


Corduroy is for pants.

A group of us lucky souls were out on a definately non-powder day one morning ahead of the general public. We got off the lift and set a goal for the first run on a big blue groomer. No skidding - pure arc-to-arc railroad tracks, and don't hit each other.


The corduroy was immaculate. The boys in the cats had done an excellent job, and the texture was just right. We screamed big arcs and tipped 'em over far enough to touch our knuckles to the snow. When we got to the bottom of the lift, Rick said, "Well, that didn't suck!"


And then, there's the Mary Jane slogan, which I'm surprised no one has mentioned: "No pain, No Jane."

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One nun to another --- They say it is the second best thing!!!


Powder ----- Like trying to explain sex to a virgin

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