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Okay, here's s'more goodies:

Point 'em downhill and let 'em buck

Arc 'em and bark 'em

Shin to win

Ski to die, die to ski

Leave no turn unstoned.

Keep your tips up (Lange poster from the '70's, of some mighty nice bumps, scantily covered...)

And, from the 20th century, pre the new shapes: Short skis suck, long skis truck.

Wow, finally some major dumpage in the PNW! Been here 28 years, and never seen a two week high pressure ridge in November. Heck, it's rarely that nice for that long in the summer!

the dodg
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Forgot a good one, a caption from a (well banked) Powder photo back in the '80s:

"Fall?, nah, but I drug a hand back in '72!"
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Rental Case

Bumps Are More Fun
Be A Mogul Freek
Bad #$% Muther &^%$er

Shut Up and Ski was actually coined by Nordica as an ad campaign in 89 or 90.
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"flash the crux"
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Figure elevens

A good one for european lines where everyone skies over your skis.
"Its OK I never ski on the tops, so you might as well"

I love the Bizzard.. quote at the begining.
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"I ain' in tha mood to talk politricks, gwan now!"
-Rasta Stevie

"I'm pretty much known for getting first tracks up in Alaska"
-Dave the Poacher

One of my favs: "Head waxer at Bear Valley Nordic Center, what the falk does he know about skiing moguls?!?"
-Mike Hattrup
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Can't believe no one's yet said "if you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do."
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Lets go ski Mahogany Bar.(hit the bar sceene)
It's time for a Safety Meeting.(stop in the trees to ???)
Learn-a-Marker.(Beginner Tele-Marker)
Slope Shark.(A smooth,fast,stealthy,skier)
Betty Patrol.(Checking out the women on the lower slopes)
Interloper.(An unwanted rider/skier in your space-face)
Ski Destructor.(Instructor)
Low-Down Boys.(A skier that has a very low stance,usually a Telemarker)
Tele-Moma.(A accomplished female telemarker)
Ski Army.(A group of skiers)
Racer Chaser.(want to be racer)
Crack of Nooners.(Skiers that show up around 11-ish)
B.T.O.(Big Time Operator)
In the Trucking Industry there are 100's of one liners...Arch'in and Spark'in. But I'm not even going there.
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"Alta is for Skiers"

Just enough in your face, without being obnoxious about it. Probably also a good way to get you car keyed if you atually put in on your bumper. I also like the Mad River Glen "Ski it if You Can", though I never have.
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i think i've got a couple no one has said.
"spark the arcs"

"go big or go home"

"big dumb air"
i love the saying "shin to win"
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Here's one I coined last year:

"mary, mother of go-"*THUMPCRUNCHSNAP* "doh"

I was trying to set a land speed record on skiboards, caught a li'l bit more air then I meant to cresting a ridge and, uh, didn't land it :P
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"Ski or be Skied"

When someone reaches the maximum of their potential in the park... and it still sucked, you say "What? Was that supposed to be funny?"

"Come to the Dark Side."

When Drinking at the bar after a day of sliding, there are 5 stages of inebriation:
1) Stall
2) Spin
3) Crash
4) Burn
5) Die

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"As speed reaches infinity, time spent at intersection reaches zero"

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Well this may not be a saying, but it works. A friend told me this when we were at the top of an area I had never skied before. She said just let out a load "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and go over the edge.
It works great. So listen for me. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

My wife, when asked where she is going will answer "DOWN".

And a tele friend of mine likes "Half a binding, half a brain" or "Free your heel, free your mind"
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What is a GOOD skier?

"Can ski ANY snow,
Any slope
Any Mountain!"

Teacher / Race coach - Alf Tieze
Ski Area Management program
Colorado Mountain College
Leadville Colorado
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One of my fav's from Doug Lewis. "Thrash or Crash",
-If your in pain at least you know your still alive.
-S.P.O.R.E. Stupid People On Rental Equipt.
-"In sports it's not whether you win or loose, it's how drunk you get" Homer Simpson
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“So Plake gets into this fight with another girl.” Scot Schmidt on mistakenly calling Plake a girl in License to Thrill.

“How did things go so wrong? Why am I such a looser?” Saucer Boy in Sick Sense.

Touron – (tour’ on) noun. Syn. Gaper. Derived from the combination of the words, tourist and MORON with the emphasis on MORON, because who isn't tourist at one point or other. Can be identified by any one of the following: driving the bus, from the back seat, on the black run, which they are in way over their head; sitting/stopping/resting just below a catwalk, bluff, curve, or runout; the person who falls on the surface lift at the TOP of the mountain, because you know you might be the one who has to summon ski patrol and the meatwagon; and the guy in the SUV with rental/out of state plates, pulling donuts in the parking lot because they’ve never driven on the white stuff before; etc...
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Skiing is not just a sport. It's a state of mind

GO FAST!!!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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G.E.T. it at schweitzer
giv'er hell and dont ever stop
and of course
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Do Chicks Really Dig Scars?

Pain is temporary, but the glory of a good crash goes on forever!
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Go big and go home.
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- Skiing saves.

- Always get high in the gates.

- If God wanted gapers to ski, he would have given 'em a mountain.

- Slalom and GS are just events, downhill is a cult.

- Just you and me, God...right?

- You can never have too many pairs of skis.

There's more, I just can't remember it right now...
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If you ain't fallin' you ain't learning

Tip'em and rip'em

Even bowling balls will go down the mountain fast, but it ain't skiing

No friends on a powder day

Did you hear how much snow we're getting tonight?

don't look at the trees....
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With apologies to Patrick Henry....

Give me Rossignol or give me Head

(saw this on a T-shirt when I was in High School)
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Originally Posted by woodpile View Post
“So Plake gets into this fight with another girl.” Scot Schmidt on mistakenly calling Plake a girl in License to Thrill.

FYI - It's Hattrup
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When you think you are skiing too fast.......accelerate!

Raiders of the lost bark...MRG early 80's

When in doubt ....straighten em out
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If you feel like you're under control, you're not going fast enough.
Mario Andretti
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Not necessarily a favorite, but I seem to hear it a lot.

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You should of been here yesterday.
Hand or Machine,which is better?Ski tuning
Loud Powder
Crack of Nooners
Year Round Man
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
"Hit Bottom" I had an bump instuctor years ago, reguarding keeping your hips forward, he said "Imagine you have your girlfriend on a counter and you are going at it, try to hit bottom" To that day whenever I find myself "in the backseat", I remember that.
Replace "girlfriend" with "wife" and I would agree. Hopefully in Utah, ski instructors wouldn't say such things. There really are benefits to righteous living.
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