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I think I know what the problem is.................

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Dude is this what you watch on your spare time??? Jesus! and you call me a troll... LOL I wouldnt even know where to find anything so damn corney. I bet you pleasure yourself to things like that you loser. Anyway this is the last time i post in this thread because ive been able to do what i wanted to do.. Rant.. yup thats all i wanted to do just like you skiiers do all the time on this forum. BUT!!! in addition I've also managed to piss a few of you off and this im quite proud of! I mean LOL the season hasn't even started yet! you guys can keep coming in here and talkin shi... You have my permission...

stay angry
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Had enough yet?

The reality is that this thread has gone borderline on the insults for too many posts. Therefore this thread is going on timeout.
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