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Taming my Dobermans

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I used to race quite a bit and fell in love with the dobermans as they seemed to add so much sensitivity in edging my skis. I've always had problems with heel lift and they definitely cured that. Problem is that for extended periods of skiing my toes go numb. I have custom foot beds that fit excellent and are comfortable so circulation doesn't seem to be a problem there. I do have quite a bit of an instep so I just don't buckle them down very hard which as I understand it there are quite a few arteries leading to my toes from there. I wear a size 10.5 shoe and the boots are a 7 but they are not uncomfortable except for one spot on by big toe (this keeps me out of my back seat). My toes are very cramped in there and I was wonder if this is the circulation problem. Also my knee seems to want to travel at a 30 degree angle inside as I flex the boots I think this is in part due to the fact that the end of my fibia hit the shell of the boot pretty hard. If some material was removed from there i think it might help get my knee moving more inline with the boot. As a bandaid I often bias the tongue towards the inside to help that situation out
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do your toes go numb with the boots on inside too?

do your toes go numb is you ski with the toe buckles looser or off?

all the toes? or just one first?

same on both sides?
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By inside do you mean underneath? If so yes but not so bad. I always ski with fairly loose don't see the point in cranking them down since my heel is firmly planted in the pocket. Pretty much all of them. I think the liner is so bulky in the heal area that it doesn't allow my heal to seat as well as it could and is jamming everything forward and i just dealt with it. I've ordered some custom eva foam liners and am going to see if this helps everything out some. I'm just wondering if i should mold the liners first and them try boot mods or vice versa. i really like the design of the shell i think the leather on the liner preventing my foot from going where it wants to.
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On a side note I have a set of technica plug boots that I absolutely hate they are roomier than the doberman in the toe area but my toes get dangerously cold (pain for hours after i take them off). they seem to have an ever tighter radius on the instep and are miserable to put on at room temp.
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inside = inside the house, not outside in the cold.

From post #2 I think that your foot is being forced forwards and cutting off the circulation.
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Boots are a size 7 U.K. which is a size 8 U.S. Downsizing one from U.S. shoe size would have you in a 9 boot. Me thinks maybe your dogs need more room to breath.

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