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This is a repost as I put my boot question in the wrong category.

Thanks for the responses from Zookepper and Renault11.

Hey looking for some opinions on some new Nordica Boots I have been looking at. Currently I have been using a Beast 10 and they just arent getting it done for me. I am looking for a stiffer boot that is also going to be a tighter fit and be more performance driven versus comfort. I am from the midwest Minnesota and ski mostly piste and get to the mountains atleast once a year for some big mountain skiing. I would classify myself as advanced intermediate, but not expert. I am skiing RX-8's 170 on piste and will be either on Atomic M9's or Elan Magfire 10's for anything off piste that I might go after. I am looking into 2 different boots. The speed machine 14 and the Super Charger blower. Talked to the Nordica rep he pushed me more towards the Super Charger versus SpeedMachine 14. Local ski shop pushes me more towards the Speed Machine 14. Does anyone have any other suggestion for a boot that would be around those sizes. With my Beast10's I did have some problems with pain in my back archs, but I believe that was caused by my high arches, stock boot, and I was over tightening the boot to try to keep my foot from moving and as the boot worked in I needed to keep compensating for it to try and keep my foot from moving. Any advice would be great. I have tried on the SpeedMachine14's and they felt very good, but just wanted others opinions as the Nordica Rep suggested something other than the 14's.