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What a wonderful group of people!

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I have learned much about skiing, equipment, alignment and the sport in general since becoming a member here. Today marks the high of my experience on EpicSki.

Kneale Brownsen came to my home mountain (Crystal Mountain, Thompsonville Mi) and graciously gave me a couple hours of his time (until I was alas called away). I wish that I could say that every lesson I had ever taken was as informative, helpful and fun as the lesson I had today. Kneale took the time to found out how I subjectively viewed my skiing and what I wanted to get out of the lesson. He then very skillfully combined that with what he had observed about my skiing. The progressions and techniques he had me try were to the point and helpful, and he was able to relate them directly to my skiing and my goals, expanding on the explanations when I asked. In short, it was an epicski forum thread come to life on the ski hill.

If all instructors everywhere taught like this (and like the other instructors here at EpicSki that I have heard receive Cudos from other Bears here on the list) then the repeat business rate for lessons would be near 100% and advanced skiers would comprise 70% of the skiers on the hill.

Great people for a great sport. I am sure glad I found this site.
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Good to hear! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sounds like fun in dah slush eh. I will be up you're way this summer Midwestskier. My parents live near Thompsonville.

My dad wants to use my boat to salmon fish from Frankfort.
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Midwestskier, there is no question that the instructors (Examiners, Trainers) from whom we have benefited through this site are near magicians. At the same time, as I have learned since joining the profession, the student is the other part of the equation. If it worked out that well, then KUDOS to Kneale Brownsen, and KUDOS to YOU, sport!
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But for this website/community, I never would have known or skied with the likes of Bob Barnes or nolo. I never would have met jamesdeluxe, springhill crazie, epic, ant . . . Bonni . . . so many more.

There is no amount of contribution to EpicSki which ever would sufficiently compensate for those opportunities.

However, it doesn't hurt to try.
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And don't you love watching Kneale ski? Beautiful!
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It is only fair though that we find the best instructors here at EpicSki, because Epicski has certainly made me a whole lot pickier about who I will take lessons from!
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Ah, Crystal Mountain! We used to take 10-20 busloads of high school kids from Flint there every year back in the mid-to-late 70s. Does that bring back memories!!!
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I've had the pleasure of Kneale's pointers on more than one occasion...Yes Kneale I'll think little toe...
He truly is a great guy and I'd recommend him any time. His wife is also a skier & a real nice gal, too.

For anyone visiting CM March 20--my crew is having our annual Flamingo tailgate (more socializing than skiing) in the Buck parking lot.
Just follow the smell wafting from the grills...and stop and say Hi!

TS...23 hrs to JH, but who's counting
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