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Phil's great Star Wars Cafeteria Thread got me thinking about something I stumbled across a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. No, wait it was only a couple of years ago. Sorry about the lapse.

Anyway, here it is. :

Background, this guy is animating the original Star Wars movie using ASCII characters. He's been at it since 1997. Its a silent movie with all the scenes and dialog from the original. He's only up to the scene where Luke first meets the Princess in the Death Star Dungeon. So, he's got a bit more to go. :

Ever think someone needs a life? : Probably me for posting this in the first place.

Note: Even die hard Star Wars fans might have a problem hanging on through this one.
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I lasted about 1min the lego star wars was way funny though.

you dont need a life butthe guy doing this does
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I couldn't make "the death of Jar Jar" work, and I really wanted to see that. I hate that little bastard.
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