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I have a pair of used Fischer Free Flex 13 bindings that I am considering mounting myself on a Fischer GS World Cup ski. (the ski plate does not have pre marked holes) The free flex mechanism on these bindings allows the toe and heel to slide forwards and back about 1/2 " on the heel platform when unmounted and in the unlocked Free Flex position. I am not certain which position the mechanism should be in when making my template.

As it turns out I have another pair of skis with a Tyrolia Free Flex+ binding mounted on a factory plate with pre-drilled holes. I've taken that apart and it appears the binding is mounted with the mechanism slid towards the toe piece as fare as it will go. I'm assuming the Fischers should be set up the same way, but would like to be certain.

I've previously downloaded instructions re. Tyrolia Free Flex + bindings, but they only provide guidance re. the use of a jig.

Yes, I could always take these to a shop, but A. I'm fanatic about the details and often find shop mounts....well not quite so fanatic, B. I'm handy and have tools, C. The skis and bindings are used, so I'm not putting $1000 of equipment on the line!

If you have experience with these bindings I'd like to hear from you. Also...if you know, what's the difference between Free-Flex and Free Flex+. It appears to me that when you engage the Free Flex+ screw it moves the toe-piece back a smidge (when unmounted) whereas the Free Flex does not. Something to do with adding pressure to the tip and tail of the ski from what I've read, but frankly I've been stumped by the mechanics of these bindings, and I'm normally pretty mechanicly inclined. And if you want some really amusing answers just ask someone at a ski shop how they work! I've gotten explanation ranging from quantum physics to voo-doo!