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Getting back in shape....

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Ok, I'm not really THAT out of shape. But I need to get back to the gym, work on some weights, and get some good cardio going before this season. I don't want to barf up a lung hiking the ridge this year!

But, I don't have a lot of time. Any advice on a quick down and dirty plan? Fast track to better health? I know there are no quick fixes, but I'm in a time crunch.

What's working for you?
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I'm totally out of shape. I'm a summer slacker. Put on about 15lbs that need to be shed stat.

One of my buddy's PT's once said that walking with 20lbs in a backpack was the easiest, cheapest, and best way to get in shape for skiing. He claimed that the hiking/walking was easy on your knees (as opposed to running) and that it worked the right muscles for skiing as opposed to biking and swimming, per se. He also added that biking and swimming on top of the walking/hiking would be solid.

I believe his exact words were "Slapt a 20lb weight into a back pack and start walking some of those famous San Francisco hills. Won't cost you a cent in gym fees and it'll work the right muscles."

There's an easy solution (and cheap, too).
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Good stuff. Thanks Dookey!
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What would you train?

If you have limited time (we all do!), what would be the focus of your training?

Lets just say you have 20-30 minutes per day available to move for whatever reason, and you could choose only ONE type of workout (ie. cardiovascular, strength or power), which would you choose?

According to Gary Gray, when you train for will get strength benefits (hopefully!).

When you do cardiovascular can expect to get cardiovascular benefits.

However, when you train for power (explosive movements) will obviously get power. In addition, you will also get the added benefits of gaining strength, flexibility, improving your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, nourish your nervous system and the list goes on! This is vital since skiing involves all of the above to be a great skier.

From a return on investment standpoint, power training will yield the most "bang for your buck."

The good news is that just like putting 20 pounds on your back, power training can be done without any equipment and you also don't need a gym memebership. You also don't need any hills!

Ski You Later!
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