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Where's Spag's Surgis Post

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I was looking for that old post because I thought this might fit.
Harley Davidson is going to release a Michael Schuemacher edition. Cost is about $70,000. So far production is limited to 51.
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Yeah, well whatever you do, don't bring up any Harley lingo - that's a no no. Seems there's some members here that can't handle it. I'm thinking they're also rice rocket riders.
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maybe BMW will put out a Herman Maier edition.
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I wonder if we'll see any at the 2002 Rally. Supposedly the 100th anniversary of HD is going to spark a gigantic Rally. I'd imagine ANY new bikes that HD produces will be showcased. Can't wait, but ski season holds priority, so Sturgis hits the back burner for a few months.
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I guess some Oil sheik ordered the first 10. Production will be equal to the number of Schuie's wins.
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One more Harley to the total and a new record for Michael.
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My Vespa will beat any Hog!

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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I had a Vespa(Sears Allstate) once. Sold it to the guy from Trek who designed that carbon fiber mountain bike frame that looked like a guitar.
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