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Why am I Still so Confused?

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You would think that after skiing as long as I have choosing skis would not be so hard! Probably just way too many to choose from. I hate to ask the same question as so many others, but I guess that is why we all hang out here SO:

50 years old
Ski for East
5'11" - 200 lb
I really don't know how to pick my level, certainly better than a 6, do I make it an 8, not really sure. There isn't much I would not ski, but maybe I don't look great all the time. Still have to focus on widening my stance.

Terrain: Typically the hardest runs on the mountain, will seek out trees and fresher snow which typically means lots of bumps.

Skis I own or have skied: Allstars 168(05/06): great grip and stability, great until I get into bumps and then they throw me. Vist RC 174(06/07) truly amazing ski (not mine), very smooth, maybe that is why I think they are easier than the Allstar even in bumps, afraid to bend them, softer snow not their forte. K2 Recons 174, (05/06 flat) easy, boring, poor edge grip. Fischer AMC 79 176 (06/07) Nice ski, not demanding, much better grip than Recons, but still not the Allstars or Vists by a long shot, I find the flex a little strange; tip fluttery, tail springy so stability again not up to the standard of the Vist or the Allstars, don't need better float, would like smoother in bumps. I also tried about 4 Nordicas and found all of them to be kind of lifeless and unappealing.

Problem: Next to impossible to demo anywhere unless you happen to catch the a particular brand at a particular mountain on one specific date.

What do I want?: Definitely a ski not over 72mm wide. Focus on bumps and edge grip with the ability to handle some fresher snow, often choppy, but not as stiff as the Allstar. Maybe it is not exactly stiffness, I just prefer the smooth flex of the Vist. I am not too concerned about the stated turn radius, as I seems to make any turn shape I want on any of the above skis.

Considering: 07/08 Crossfire, RX9, RX8, Head Magnum (too much ski?), Stockli Laser Cross (not pro), Dynastar Contact 11. I would consider the Atomic Blackeye if people weren't saying they are difficult in bumps, but they are the only midfat that seem to have the grip I want and need.

I have tried quite a few skis and I have done my research and I am still confused. PLEASE HELP!
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dude, i'm still confused and i demoed for 2 seasons and now have 2 seasons on various skis.

i can't make up my mind...which brings to mind what several people have told me:

just buy some skis and ski 'em! You'll figure 'em out soon enough!

but, anyway, it's okay to be confused.
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Confused but not Happy

Maybe it is OK to be confused, but I want to be Happy
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Originally Posted by allan o'neil View Post
Maybe it is OK to be confused, but I want to be Happy
The real reason for confusion is that the ski choices are so phenomenal, there are more that will make you ><, than those that will make you ><

Don't feel alone, this could be a reason that so many of us have a quiver instead of Just One.
Kind of like Lays potato chips.
Or popcorn........:
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I appreciate being consoled, but how about some suggestions!
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You are confused because you can't decide what you want. You say you liked the grip and stability of the All Star but not the lack of forgiveness. Then you say that you didn't like the more forgiving skis because they lacked the grip and stability...etc. If you get one, you won't get the other. The Blackeye has great grip but may launch you almost as much as the All Star did. (not quite maybe but fairly close). A slightly more forgiving ski in the Blackeye shape range is the Legend 8K from Dynastar. It won't grip like the Blackeye or the All Star but it'll grip better than the K2. It also won't drop kick you into next week if you goof in the bumps. (tomorrow maybe)

The Contact 11 (this year the Contact LTD) is probably a good compromise.

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Originally Posted by allan o'neil View Post
I appreciate being consoled, but how about some suggestions!

Sorry, Of those you have listed as possiblities:
The Contact11 is one of the most suggested skis on this board, though I haven't been on it, I'm sure someone will weigh in on it.

If I were you I'd broaden my waist and my horizon. The midfats really are more versatile than they used to be. Something like the Blizzard Cronus or the Volkl Bridge open up a lot of possibilities in that range.

In the width you've suggested, I'll confuse you even more:
I really like the Nordica feel, as well as the Elans. You may consider the Hot Rod Eliminator or the Magfire 10.
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I do Know What I want!

Maybe I was too wordy in my original post. I want a ski that has a smooth flex, as good as possible on hard snow while still being smooth in bumps and able to handle 6-8 inches of fresh or cut up snow. So maybe a good way to describe it is a smoother (especially in bumps) slightly easier, slightly wider Allstar. SJ, the AMC 79 must be as good (if not better) than the 8000 on ice yet I don't think it compares to the Allstar. What about the RX9?
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I managed to demo some RX8s last season at Apex Mountain in BC. Apex consists of a great number of steep narrow runs with bumps and the conditions were "firm" rather than icey. I had bean snowboarding the day before and found the steep narrow bumps and hardpack a bit difficult to deal with. I loved the RX8s in those conditions. They are very quick in the bumps and also very forgiving. If you are skiing mainly on hard snow on steep and tight terrain, they will definitely work very well for you. On the wide open groomers, they were a lot of fun, with very nice edgehold and tight turns. I did not find an upper limit to their speed, but I wasn't trying to. I didn't get a chance to try them in any deep sor soft snow, so I am not certain how they would perform there. They were the most fun that I had had on skis in a very long time! I am 44 yo, 160 lbs and tried the 165s.
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RX8's vs. Contact 11/Limited

Could anyone compare the Contact 11/Limited to the RX8 in the following areas: Edge hold, bumps, and forgiveness. If they are fairly similar in theses areas I would just go for the Contacts for their extra ability in shallow powder/crud.
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I would suggest something from the top end of Rossignol. Old VS Oversize, maybe the new Multix. The grip should be good enough while still haveing a softer gentler longitudinal flex for bumps.

Dynastars Contact 9 and 11 might also be worth a look.

The Fischer RX8 should do fairly well everywhere, but the Rossis and Dynastars probably have a smoother ride through the bumps.

I would say Solomon Equipe, but most 200 pounders don't seem to like them.
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I have skied the 9s oversize, it has been a while, but I don't remember being wowed. Contact 11 sounding better and better. Should I add to the confusion and suggest perhaps the Metron 9?
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If you found the 9S Oversize a little weak, you might like the Fischer WC. I don't think the Metron 9 is enough ski for your performance demands.
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I would think the Racetiger RC would be more fun in bumps that the Fischer Worldcup. Concerned about both of them when I hit looser snow.
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I find the WC SC at 165 a little too stiff to be ideal for bumps, but I only weigh about 170 lbs max. It would probably be ok for your weight.
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I would love to hear more feedback on the forgiveness/bump ability of the Contact 11.
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I own a pair of 11's. Sierra Jim's review at his site pretty much nails it. The tail lets you do everything/anything, excellent in bumps/tight spaces once you get used to that big shovel, bites on ice as long as you stay on the edges, not shy about speed, busts crud like it isn't there, stays shovel up in pow. Noticeably quicker and more versatile than my old 6*, not as sure on ice or at speeds north of 40 mph.

Only drawbacks are like most Dynastars, fronts will get knocked around at speed unless you stay on edge (but won't wash out; you learn to trust them), and the sweet spot isn't as large as some skis. For me, they prefer to be turning (carve, pivot, scarve, you name it) to running straight.

I'm 165 and ski the 172's. You'd definitely want a size up.
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OK. I am convinced! Contact 11/Limited it is. Now the remaining question is: At 200 lb, but skiing allot of bumps and trees should I go 172 or 178 as Beyond suggested?
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Close call.......175???........

Given the number of times you mentioned bump performance and forgiveness and also considering the lengths that you have been skiing on, I'd give the narrow nod to the 172.

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I finally had a chance to take handle the Atomic Blackeye today. I was quite surprised at how soft they are in longitudinal flex. Certainly much softer than my AllStars overall, and softer in the tail than my AMC 79's. I don't question that they can be great on hard snow as that is mostly a funtion of torsional stiffness. I am however wondering why some seem to think they are difficult in bumps. Any input would be appreciated!
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Too easy to start carving with them:
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I can't imagine that they are too carvy, they have a fairly moderate sidecut. I am really curious about this one.
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Too easy to start carving a fairly long radius turn on.
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Difficult in bumps can be relative to torsional stiffness. The fact is that almost anybody needs to be able to cheat the tails in bumps, at least a bit. The Blackie grips really really well, and it's light in weight. But....that grip relates to less ability to "cheat" (skid) the tails in bumpzzzz.

It's all about compromises.

I have a nice pre season deal avail. for Epic Supporters.

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