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170 cm. Volant Ti-Vertex (Women’s) Supercarve (98-64-90)

Marker M7.1 Bindings with 3-position Selective Control mounted for 282mm boots

Bottoms and edges in excellent shape, and have never been ground.

A great ultra smooth carver that also works in the bumps because of it’s even flex.

$160 and I’ll pay for shipping.
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185 Salomom Crossmax 9 (not pilot system) (103-66-93)

Marker M9.1 Titanium bindings mounted for 336mm boots

Bottoms and edges in good shape, never had any serious dingers, nothing but minor scratches. Never been ground. Will tune before shipping. Only have about 12 days on them.

A good carving and bump ski for the upper end intermediate. High performance, but forgiving. This is a fun ski, I just have too many other skis to use it enough to justify keeping it.

$160 and I’ll pay for shipping.