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ABasin Friday 10-26?

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Anybody skiing ABasin this Friday that wants to meet for some laps?
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Yes, we'll be there. Name a time and place and I bet others may join us as well.
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How about 9:30 am upstairs at the tables outside the cafeteria?
Look for a girl in braids wearing orange boots and grey pants. And you?
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Works for me. I am almost always in red or black or red and black, depending on the weather. I have a Giro helmet with a Mammoth Mtn. sticker in front and lots of butterflies.

If we miss 9:30, let's try again at 10:30.
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bump for tomorrow... and there's not only one, but TWO runs open now :
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Skied there today, didn't start until about noon but had a great time. The liftlines weren't too bad. Hopefully we can get in a bunch of runs before it gets too crowded.

We will both be in red and black ski jackets with black pants. See you at 9:30.

Anybody else going to be at the Basin tomorrow???????????
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Skied about 15 runs before the lines got too long. A beautiful day, warm and sunny. The snow was very nice. I want to ski every day until I get tired of it!!! (if I ever do!!!!!)

Didn't see dawnhill - checked at 9;30 and 10:30 and kept a lookout in the liftlines. :
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Originally Posted by skibum4ever View Post
Didn't see dawnhill - checked at 9;30 and 10:30 and kept a lookout in the liftlines. :
I was there... went to the deck and it was empty at 9:30, skied some, checked again at 10:20 before getting in line again, but no red jackets up there. Sorry we didn't connect, hopefully next time though.

Around 11am I heard bong yelling my name so we skied with him for a bit, and then had beers on the deck because the line was impossible! Nice day to be out though!
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