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Replacement for Lange XR9?

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Bio: I am an expert all moutain free skier and enjoy bumps, trees, steep chutes and powder. Don't know how to rate my ability but can competantly ski just about anything out west. My height and weight are 5'9", 150lbs with a decent arch, D width but otherwise low volume foot.

My current boot is an old pair of Lange XR9(Purple Haze year) which has a forward lean spoiler installed and small ramp on the bootboard. I also have a pair of Superfeet Cork footbeds that were made in 1992 when I was an instructor at Mt Snow that are still holding up fine. I have a donut/half moon piece of foam on both liners to pad around bone spurs on the outside of my feet between my ankle and mid-foot. I like the snug fit and ski with my boots barely buckled. My boots ski best when the temperature is around 25-40 degrees but find them too stiff when its real cold and feel that they hinder my balance/mobility.

A few of years ago I skied on a pair Lange GX10 and Lange L10 but found them to pinch my instep. I liked the flex of the GX10 but thought it may be slightly too soft whereas the L10 was similar if not stiffer than my current pair.

I feel my XR9's are coming close to their lifespan but dread the break-in process of new boots. I am starting to feel the spur on the inside of the shell more right where the shell narrows at the start of the heel pocket.

I am looking for a high performance fit without the stiff flex of a race boot but enough so that its not mushy.

1. How do I know how the flex of my boots compare with other models currently on the market? Specifically, a Technica Diablo Race Pro 110 or Magma.

2. If I could fit into the new Lange molds, would a WC120 or 130FR be nearly identical to what I have in terms of flex/performance?

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2) the 120WC and 130FR will flex similar to each other and to the XR9. the shape is different from them and your XR9's try some on (and maybe go one size smaller, most people are from old lange shape to new, I was a 7, now a 6)
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