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More Boots Than Skis?

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Hey! I just realized I own more pairs of boots than skis (and don't even get me started on gloves!). Anyone else in the same boat? In my case, it's partly because I like my boots, a discontinued model, so I've snapped up a couple of extra pairs over the years. But still, four pairs of alpine, two pairs of touring boots beats my meager quiver of four pairs of skis. Gotta beef up, I guess...
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I am sooooo happy my husband doesn't post on this board. He'd be mocked like crazy for his collection of rear entry boots. Yes, he does have more boots than skis. That's saying a lot because he has a lot of skis.
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He'd be mocked like crazy for his collection of rear entry boots.
Only if he has a matching collection of Miami Vice colored one-piece ski outfits.
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and what's wrong with that?
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I have a bunch of boots too. In fact, I'm now more interested in pursuing the elusive perfect fit with a boot than the new skis the past couple of years. Boots interest me more than skis do.
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I had a bunch of Flexons before I cleaned house. Now down to one pair of Kryptons with a pair of IL Moros on the way.
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Yep, last winter i could have skied in a different pair every time, given the boots away and still had a couple of pairs knocking about at the end of the season.
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