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SNOW (please comment)

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Hey guys,

I wrote a poem that I wanted to share with you all, I'm Sure most of you will enjoy it. It pretty much sums up my emmotions during the fall season..
Enjoy and please comment..

All the Daily Stress, Puts unnecessary pressure on my chest/
I can’t Breath until Snow Puts it all to rest/
In a state of depression, until I see that First Flake/
Giving me the brake that I need, without it my soul would Bleed/
No greed or Envy, just Friends and Nature interacting/
Frozen Mountains and weightless snow, replace frozen faces and fake acting/
A Brake From the Normal, Bull-**** Routine/
My Nirvana, Where It’s all about the White, Not the Green/
Boots Strapped on tight, Gloves Nice and Snug/
Adrenaline and Hyped Emotions, duplicate the feeling of love/
Nothing Else matters, Worries all fade away/
This is why I smile when the Sky’s turn Gray/
I sit and wait, watch the leaves fall to ground/
Smile more each day, because winter is coming around/
The days have gotten crisp, and the nights have gotten longer/
So I Train in the gym, to get my legs a little stronger/
Perfect Turns are linked in my mind, and I can’t help but smile/
Prepping my ski’s in anticipation, the best wax and sharpest file/
I can’t wait any longer, I’m ready to go/
But sadness takes over again, because I don’t see snow//

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Great job!!!

sums up how i feel 100% in fall!
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thanks much appriciated,...
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There once was a skier named Xtremity
Who for autumn did hold lots of enmity
No snow at all
The leaves yet to fall
Only winter will return him to ecstasy.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
There once was a skier named Xtremity
Who for autumn did hold lots of enmity
No snow at all
The leaves yet to fall
Only winter will return him to ecstasy.
hahaha, that's the truth!! nice.
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Filling the sky and the earth below,
Over the housetops, over the street,
Over the heads of people you meet.
Dancing, flirting, skimming along,
Beautiful snow! It can do no wrong; F
lying to kiss a fair lady's cheek,
Clinging to lips in frolicksome freak;
Beautiful snow from heaven above,
Pure as an angel, gentle as love!

Oh, the snow, the beautiful snow,
How the flakes gather and laugh as they go
Whirling about in maddening fun:
Chasing, laughing, hurrying by,
It lights on the face and it sparkles the eye;
And the dogs with a bark and a bound
Snap at the crystals as they eddy around;
The town is alive, and its heart is aglow,
To welcome the coming of beautiful snow!

Anon, popularized by Walt Whitman
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cue the bongo's

Right on brother right on (in response to the very first one)
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How to I ski
In the Fall
When theres no Snow
I go to Epic Ski
And Vicariously
Read and Read
After all this
I go to the ski shop
Talk and Talk
Rearrange the ski room
Try on the boots
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