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Tyrolia Bindings

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Just a question as to which tyrolia free flex bindings would be recommended for a low intermediate skier looking to do mostly trail skiing, at least for now anyway...mostly blue and maybe low level black level skiing. Any recommendations are helpful. I ask for tyrolia because the skis I bought came with a 9mm carve plate pre-installed. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post
What he said.
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Dito Free Flex 11 Plus
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Rather than the FF11, go with the LD12: http://www.tyrolia.com/index.php?id=383

It has virtually the same DIN range, the same toe piece and a much higher quality heel piece. You give up the FreeFlex features, but the concrete benefits of that are minimal, especially for a skier spending most of his time on blues and a handful of blacks. The LD12 should fit on the CP9 or CP13 with no problems at all, and you get a much higher quality binding.
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Good point on the heel piece. The diagonal heel is a worthwhile feature, but why not get it all. Get the FF+15. Din starts at 5. You get FF+ and the diagonal heel. I'm officially changing my vote to FF+15. The additional cost amortized over the life of the binding shouldn't be that much. http://www.tyrolia.com/index.php?id=freeflexplus15
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Originally Posted by bgraves28 View Post
low intermediate skier
Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Get the FF+15.
I'm as big a proponent of high-quality bindings as most here, but I think that this is overkill for this skier. The only reason I could see doing it would be if he's planning to really invest time in improving his skills and wants to keep these clamps for a couple replacement skis.
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I can understand wanting to save a little money, but if you think about it, both the freeflex and the diagonal heel are features that would benefit even an intermediate skier. Granted he is also getting a more robust and sturdy binding that he probably doesn't need to pay for, but if you divide the extra cost by the number of days skiing, it seems worth it to me. I wouldn't settle for anything less.
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