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avoid using expedia

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he week before christmas I flew to Jackson Hole(i had a great time!) and used expedia to book my flights. I ran into a problem when I had to change the date of my flight, it would not let me do it over the internet and said I had to call. So I did the operator cancelled my orginial flight and told me to go online book my new flight then call back to verify that I was not getting charged for both flights. All of which I did. Yesterday I receieved my credit card bill and to my dismay I had been charged for both flights! To top it off they refuse to refund my money and claim its my thought I got charged twice, when all I did was do what they told me. Therefore I am encouraging everyone to boycott there service. If you want to you can go to https://www.expedia.com/pub/agent.dll?qscr=fbak&&zz=1074028322927&&&zz=1074028 323358 to tell them you wont' be using there service. They will respond with some bull$#@% stock answer that doesnt' acknowledge your comments directly.
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That really sucks but I doubt anyone will boycott Expedia because of your misfortune.

It is usually common knowledge that Expedia locks in your flight for a cheaper price which means you cannot change it.
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I've had nothing but good results when using Expedia. Probably booked 15 trips that went off very well in the past few years.
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Dispute the credit card charges. Follow the rules on the back of the credit card statement.

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It sucks that you got charged twice. Did you go into your account and change the flights? Because if so you should have only been charged the airline fee (usually $100)plus any fare difference. However, if you canceled your flight then just booked a new one then the system wouldn't have known to reference your original flight info.

I have booked several trips on Expedia over the last couple of years and have never had any problems. For flights that I have changed the phone customer service reps were very helpful and informative, perhaps you mis-understood their instructions or they were unclear. Nonetheless, I'm sure you can get the charges reversed. You definately should dispute the charges with your cc until you can get it resolved. Then you should call Expedia and escalate the issue to a supervisor (then if necessary a manager). Like I said, they have a good reputation for customer service so I'm sure that they will be willing to do something for you.

Good luck!
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I hate to knock this company, one of my best friends works for them, but I stopped using them a couple years ago. I was traveling to San Francisco and needed to rent a car. It just so happened that when I logged in to book this I had an email from Expedia offering a special deal on a mid size car rental. I followed the directions, entered the "promotion code," and was just about to book the car when for the fun of it I clicked back and removed the promotion code just to see how much I was saving. Much to my dismay, it was CHEAPER without the promotion code! I've used Travelocity ever since (I also like Travelocity's feature where you can give it two airports, choose "my dates are flexible," it shows you the fares available, you click the fare and it shows you the dates that fare is available. Last time I check Expedia still didn't offer this feature).

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When you use an online booking, avoid making changes and buy travel cancellation insurance. Your experience is very painful, but I don't think you will get better service with any other online services. Goto a local travel agency to book a tour if you have tendency to cancel or make changes, talking to a person face to face is lot better to deal with computers.
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This is one of the many reasons that I as a Travel Agency owner urge you to support us (the local industry). Newsflash guys, the internet isn't any cheaper than a GOOD travel agent.
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I had one bad experience where the hotel I was staying at thought I was booked for one night instead of two and tried to kick us out the next morning. I don't know if it was the hotel's fault or expedia's. I called expedia and they fixed the problem. It was a pain in the butt, since this was all done amidst a hangover, but it wasn't a huge deal.

I go to expedia for their nice website and the prices. Not the service. If that was a priority I'd go through a travel agent. Even with them, you could get screwed.
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I'm in the process of disputing the credit card charge, however my problem with this is documentation. Right now its my word against the phone operator who according to their documentation told me to save my new itinerary and call back. I distinctly remember being told to book my new itinerary and call back. They claim they document all of their phone calls and have no record of my return phone call. I have contacted the phone company to see if I could get a copy of phone calls I placed on that day, but since 1-800 number calls are free they said they dont' keep records of them.
On top of this I have been repeatedly e-mailing expedia regarding my situation, at first they said I had one year credit with them for my extra flight charge, but now they wont' even give me that! I have also repeatedly ask them why would I ever want to use their service again or recommend them to anyone. To this they have refused to respond... So much for the days of customer service.
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That is too bad - I have had nothing but good experiences with Expedia (and Travelocity as well actually). Of course, I've also never tried to change a flight or anything. Hope you get your problem resolved.
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you should always ask and write down the name of the operator you speak to. I know all of us don't do this all the time - especially when we need it the most - but it is good advice.
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you should always ask and write down the name of the operator you speak to. I know all of us don't do this all the time - especially when we need it the most - but it is good advice.
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Originally posted by tisI:
On top of this I have been repeatedly e-mailing expedia ... So much for the days of customer service.
Call them, and then call them again, until they offer you some type of resolution. It's a lot easier to say no via e-mail than by phone. If you become a "pain in the butt" to them, then it's cheaper for them to pay you than it is to deal with you. Remember, you will probably need to speak to supervisor who is empowered to help you. Good luck - don't give up!
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I've had consistently good results with Cheaptickets over the years. In October I had to change a flight. Of course there was the additional airline charge, but the cost of the flight still looked good. I did this over the telephone and they fixed things quickly.
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