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Salomon Skis not sold in the US???

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I have a pair of axecleavers. 152cm with hangle plate. Excellent hypercarvers that can go anywhere on the mountain. Are foam cored, but very heavy! which has always seemed odd. Really good edge grip on ice, you have to remain centred, get in the back seat and they get very upset, also they prefer to carve turns all the time. I prefer them to my x scream series!! more fun.

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Those skis arent on the 2001 - 2002 site are they?? I do remember all fo the skis you mentioned. The axecleaver was sold in the US although it was very rare to find a pair, i myself have only seen a few here and there. The Superaxe 10 Pilot it was rumored last season (i dont remember the discussion even) that it maybe be the beginnings of this years crossmax series - possibly being the crossmax 9... but there was never any confirmation of that. The Superaxe 9 from last season 103-66-93?? i have seen only at www.mprattesport.com (micheal pratte ski shop in tremblant), also i have seen axecleavers at this website also. As for extensive info about these skis, i have very little solid info and the rest is merely speculation.

Salomon has really pushed its free ride groups in the last few years and not given very much attention to its carving skis or even its race skis, i think that you will see this change as the crossmax skis catch on, as they are being touted as all mountain carvers (although i would use them as a freeride midfat over the scream 10 pilot)...

Let me know if you happen to run across any of these skis, i would be interested in buying a pair of axecleavers, if they were the right price. the website i had mentioned above i believe has sold out of them, and the superaxe 9. Both skis were around $300, and the superaxe 9's were all demo skis, i think anyhow...

Hope that gave you more of an answer or some idea of what all those skis are... As for skis from this seasons line up that you dont see... check out the Equipe 10 RC at the salomon website, and a few other race models... that you never see around... Some could make nice all mountain carving skis, for a less aggressive advanced skier... but again salomon doesnt market them so you dont see them and never get the chance to buy them.

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A ski that i have seen this season on the site is the Corssmax 10 Carve or something to that effect... skied in short lengths, much like the axecleaver was... looks like a fun toy... Id like to get my hands on a pair of those, I bet they make some nice arcs...
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Salomon Skis not sold in the US???

Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone's seen or ridden on any of the following Salomon skis:
Superaxe Pilot 10

I've seen these skis on their USA website, but I've never seen them on the slopes or in shops...anyone? Review would be nice if someone's been on them too [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I also have a pair of AxeCleaver Series. They are the 2000 model and Salomon did not produce them after that year. I bought them on an impulse in Tremblant (USD$270), because they were reviewed as the most versatile hypercarvers out there. I was not disappointed. Last year I skied them almost exclusively and prefer them to my Rossi Vipers.

I agree with Bergerac on all points. This ski is combination of detuned, new-school, slalom ski and all mountain mid-fat, in a very short package. Too bad Salomon dropped it.

I get the feeling that the new Fischer Sceneo 3 w/Booster is much like the Salomon AxeCleaver. Peter Keelty reviewed it very highly and named it runner-up to the Atomic 9.12 as Ski of the Year! So if the AxeCleaver is not available the Sceneo 3 may be a fine substitute. Unfortunately the Sceneo is soooo expensive! :
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