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what are these?

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Cable bindings, used up to the early 70's.
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On Head standard skis, I would guess...

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Looks like what I started on in '63. The bindings, not the skis. My parents couldn't afford Head Standards. They went for $100!
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I have a pair in mint condition I'll let go for $95.
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They look to be in better shape than the rentals I learned on. Rental stuff in the late 60's-early 70's was really bad. After using that stuff about a half-dozen times I broke down and bought my own sticks with step-in bindings and buckle boots. My skiing improved 1000% overnight.
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Believe it or not I remember the toe piece but can't name the manufacturer. Makes you feel old when you recognize ski gear that is on display in ski museums.
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My first learner skis were WWII surplus with bear-trap bindings. The cable bindings were an improvement. Cable bindings with that pivoting toe piece came next, then step in bindings. Well at least it's safer than screwing the boot to the ski.
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They look like either Dovre or Eckel bindings-
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