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Confusion reigns

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I have been trying to find a new pair of boots and am hopelessly confused by the sizing. I wear a men's size 10 D shoe. Nothing strange or unusual about my foot. Fits perfectly.

So I look on the web and everything I see says I need a mondo 28. I can't remember what my old boots were and since they completely fell apart at the end of last season I can't even look. So I go to a couple of local shops and both of them stick me into a 26.5. Pretty tight but not unbearable. Both guys seem knowledgeable, but they have various stories about why such a small boot seems to fit. I won't go in to all the pitch, but I am concerned that I am going to find that these don't pack out and that I'll be suffering from cold feet at best to real pain at worst.

What's the deal? Do you normally start 1.5 sizes below the actual shoe size?

Looking at Salomon and Head boots if it matters.
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Yes this is true! A good bootfitter will downsize at least one shell size for a recreational fit and probably two shell sizes for a performance fit.

check out the Salomon "Impact" series boots as they are wider lasted for a foot like yours. I am not familiar with the Head models but check for a model with a wider lasted forefoot.
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The issue is this. It really isn't downsizing per se, as not going by U.S. sizing in the first place. The conversion between U.S. sizing and Mondo point is not correct. Therefore when purchasing a boot use your foot length in Mondo point (length of foot in cm) as the starting point.

I measure about a 10 3/4 U.S. but measure a 27 Mondo and easily fit a 27 Mondo from any manufacturer. You may possibly end up in a 27, but probably a 26 is correct and a 28. No way.

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