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Nordica Sizing Question

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I'm an advanced skier in the west. I'd have qualified as "expert" a few years ago, but I don't get up to the mountain as much these days and have dialed back the intensity a notch. I'm looking for a good all-mountain ski that can handle groomed runs but is especially good in the choppy rough stuff (not so much mogals, but more off-trail). I think I've settled on Nordica Hot Rod Modifieds, as they seem to be generally well regarded and about what I'm looking for. I'm hoping for a little guidance on size as my experience is sort of dated. I'm about 6'0" and 190 lbs. Would the 170s or 178s be better for me?
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PNWBeers, First, Welcome to EPIC. Good site. Good people. Where are you located in the PNW?

178 or 170. Really a personal choice. Groomers not much difference except maybe at high speeds if thats what you do. Not too much difference in turning radius. Look at TR and see what you usually do and prefer. Example: I am 5'11 190 Advanced Skier: Fischer RC4 170cm (my groomer ski), K2 Apache Outlaws 176cm (off piste-general) and Volkl Gotamas 183 (off piste powder, tree powder ski). Like them all.

Anyway WELCOME and Enjoy. Some Bears will answer your question with more detail than I did - just wanted to say HI.:
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Thanks for the welcome and advice. Right now I'm living in Boise. I spent my formative years on M. Bachelor in Oregon.
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You might consider the Top Fuel or Nitrous as they are
78mm under foot. I'm 5'7" and 180# and ski the 178cm.
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6'6" 185lbs ski the 178 top fuel and like it.
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Well I had a slight change in course. I just bought the Hot Rod Top Fuel today, in 178. I talked to a lot of people about it and did some research, and for my needs I came to the conclusion that the Top Fuel was a better fit for me. Can't wait to try them out now...
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For the first 3 - 4 hrs I did not like my skis at all. I
found them hard to initiate a turn. It wasn't until the
afternoon of my first day that I finally "figured" out how to
ski them, suck the inside ski up under your butt and totally
extend the outside ski so that it makes about a 45 degree
plus angle with the snow. Then hold on; what a ride. You
also might try moving the toe and heal forward one click to
help with turn initiation.

Don't get discouraged. They're awesome skis.
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