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Where to find a used road bike

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I'm looking for a decent 60 - 62 cm road bike because I'd like some solid cardio for skiing and I don't like running.

Any ideas on consignment shops or used bike sources near Denver?

I've tried Craiglist without much success. Either the bike is too small, a 1976 Schwinn beach bike or $ 2000.

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Try your outlying Craigslists. Ebay is another option. Local bike clubs might have newsletters.
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Have you tried Cycle analyst or Campus Cycles?

BTW for around $600 you ought to be able to get something new if you can't find used.

Then make your way over to Don Ferris or Rich Gangl for something nice when the budget is better.
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also classifieds at www.roadbikereview.com
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If you're looking for something with a particular character, I'd agree with craigslist. Also, you can look at www.roadbikereview.com in the hot deals forum, or you can go on some of the mass websites, and get a decent deal on a an OK new bike, if you know your measurements. for instance: http://www.performancebike.com/shop/...tegory_id=3040
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