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boots for volkl ...?

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I've narrowed down my new ski buying to either Volkl Attiva 5 star or s5's . I'm leaning more towards the s5 and was wondering what would be a good boot to pair with this. I'm 5'4 107lbs level 8-9 type III skier. Used to race...TONS of experience. However, i was always more focused on skis and not so much on boots, so i dont know much about them. I'm pretty skinny and have a tendancy to ride my tails a little more than i would like. I ski mostly in Michigan at the bigger resorts...however, i am planning on taking trips out west. I tend to be more slalom then GS. Any ideas on a good boot...thats not EXTREMELY high priced? Thanks!
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Your focus needs to be on the boot that is right for YOUR foot rather than trying to match a boot to a ski. You should find a good bootfitter (I am in Chicago, not too far in the grand scheme of things) and would be happy to help. We cannot give any suggestions on a boot without first knowing what kind of foot we are dealing with
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Agree with JDoyal that matching a boot and ski isn't necessary. Will also say that you should read some of the threads here on binding position and ramp angle and you may gain some insight into why you are sitting back.

If you give us information on foot shape we may be able to help with recommendation.


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