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Alternative to surgeries

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Does anyone out there know why some of the U.S.SKI TEAM is seeking there own doctor instead of using the mainstream Dr.'s in ther own camp.Such as Bode,Eric,T.J.Lanning,Jake,and others. I have been looking at the new Ski Racing with the head line of T.J.Lanning healthy and hungrey after he had a good ski camp in New Zealand this summer by beating up on some big names.
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I've heard from a few orthos that Steadman is a bit behind the times in technique. There's also the chance that racers already have a relationship with a doctor outside of the usual clinic.

Bode was going down to Ensenada, Mexico to do the alternative joint therapy of Milne Ongley instead of going for surgury. Here's an article about it:
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The U.S. Ski Team's orthoscopic surgeon did both my shoulders. Both surgeries failed. I was his 1st and his 12th shoulder patient... and he was the U.S. ski team's primary surgeon then.

what's the hype with sticking with a team's surgeon, anyway? Are they in some way more magical than some dude in LA who has 200 shoulder scopes under his belt?

The only reason many are chosen as the team's surgeon is location, location, location.

Now, I know better. Go to city and get someone with experience.
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