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Page loading issues

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When I'm at the ski cabin I'm using dialup on an older, slower computer. Every time I load a page in the forums I have the same issue. The visible information loads very quickly yet something continues to load causing my slow computer to bog down as I try to do other things. It can take minutes to finally finish. I've come to hitting the stop button after the page appears but that gets annoying. Is there something I can do to fix this? What's taking all this time to load anyway? I never notice this at home with a fast connection/computer.

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check your caching settings on your dial-up configuration. If you have graphics/pictures set at "highest quality" try setting at a lower setting, then try again. (This is oftentimes the culprit for slow page loading with dial-up.)
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Users can change settings in their UserCP whether to download images, signatures and similar data. If you are on a dial up use the UserCP options to limit wht is downloaded. Be sure to reset it, or you will miss all the content when you are on a faster connection.
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