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Freeskier Mag Buyers Guide 2008

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Has anyone had a chance to look at it yet? Be good to hear some feedback cos i read it through last night and it is making me rethink my quiver for this year.. especially the low score of line invaders.. you can get it free at freeskier.com by the way..
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Oh their top 16 editor's picks (Fattest to thinnest underfoot) were:
Fat-ypus D-sender
Rossignol Steeze
Liberty Helix
Rossignol B104
Line Prophet 100
Nordica Supercharger Enhancer
K2 Seth
Salomon Gun
Fishcer Watea 94
Volkl Bridge
Dynastar Big Trouble
Volkl Wall
Salomon Thruster
Armada ARW
Head J.O Pro
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Take anything you get from Freeskier (or any buyer's guide for that matter) with a HUGE grain of salt.
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i read it.

found it a bit more in tune with what i like to ski than SKI's guide and a step up from Skiing (which i actually liked). Didn't get around to snagging the Powder guide.

honestly, it's just a guide. if anything it should be a tool to come up with a demo list at best.

i read all the reviews knowing that my current quiver is pretty solid but also wanting to perhaps fill in the gap between 94mm and 125mm (which isn't really necessary, but what the hell).

so i used the Freeskier and Skiing guides to narrow down a list of 110-117 waisted skis to potentially demo this season.

a better question(s) to ask yourself before you let the pretty pictures and well-written verse overcome you and convince you that you need a new quiver is/are:
"what's wrong with the quiver I have right now?"
followed by "are there any skis in my quiver that i absolutely don't like anymore and if so, why and what would I want to replace them?"

it's all too easy to get stoked off the gear guides, especially when they are enthusiastic about a particular ski.

best to just drool over the pages and be content with what you go (as long as what you got gets the job done). be realistic in whether you really need a new set-up or not.

of course if you want to toss down some $$, I'm not going to stop you!

again, i'd use the guide merely as a tool to come up with some potential demo skis...focusing on ones that will fill a hole in your quiver or be a better option than something you already have.

i am planning to demo the D-Sender. But that's about it.

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Its not that i'm about to throw down a huge amount of money to replace everything so as to fit with what the guide is stoked on.. I'm just interested in adding a pure twin to my quiver as i currently have old salomon thrusters which aren't great switch.. i was looking at line invaders but they sound like they might be too soft for even basic all mountain.. im thinkin of lookin at volkl walls..
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ah, can't help you there my friend as i avoid the park for the most part.

only twip i've ever ridden was the Karma, which in my opinion was more of an all-mountain ski dressed up as a twip given it's relatively even and stiff flex. loved that ski, but it skied hella short.

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