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It's snowing in MN!

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I woke up this morning and my girlfriend says "hey brian look outside!"

I look outside and there is a bout a half inch on the ground and more coming down!

Ahh I can't wait to ski!
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It's heading this way they say.
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We already got some in MQT, SLATZ. 14 brand new snow guns this year, too. Now if we only had the electricity to run more than 2 at a time.....
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I guess it's only natural that Ull, Ullr Uller (take your pick) would make an early appearance in Minnesota. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's snowing again here(MN). Excellent.
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please send some my way!!!
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It's clouding over. Supposed to start in a few hours.
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You need more squirrels in little treadmills to make those snow guns work. Of course sky-divers shorting out the power lines doesn't help much either.
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Well, it didn't happen
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bummer, yeah, it was gone by afternoon

owell it still ruled!
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I got word that there was snow on the ground again this morning. I didn't get to see it since I didn't get up til 1pm.
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Yeah, I missed it too. Slept til about 1 this afternoon as well. Could it have been the ice that was on the ground from the melted snow I saw when I went to bed at 4? I think this is the first time i've seen people envious of people from MN for the snow.
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