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Ski magazine awards

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FYI and FWIW :
Ski Magazine (a french ... ski magazine) gear reviews issue is on sale.
An interesting issue, as they review lesser known brands like Unic, Black Crows or Titicaca...
They give three kind of award : Overall best, Expert best and All Audience best (ie, intermediates..).

Groomer intermediate (ie 500E max with bindings):
OB : Salomon Aero GT
EB : Atomic Metron 7
AAB : Fischer RX pure heat

OB Volkl Attiva Viento
EB Atomic Royal Minx
AAb K2 One Luv

Groomer performance
OB : Head I supershape magnum
EB Fischer RC4 progressor
AAB Blizzard CMX Pro IQ

OB Nordica Olympia Speed XBS
EB Fischer Vision Vapor
Head Power Thank

All Moutain Piste oriented (ie, around 80mm)
OB Fischer RX Cool heat
EB : Atomic Nomad Blackeye
AAB Dynastar Legend 8000

OB Blizzard Emocion 7900 Rage
EB Dynastar Exclusive Legend Powder
AAB Head Wild Thang

All Moutain Freeride oriented (ie around 90 mm)
OB Salomon Fury
EB Head IM 88
AAB Scott Mission

OB Fischer Visoin Zeal
EB Volkl Aura
AAB K2 Tough Luv

OB : Black Crows Navis 186
EB Volkl Bridge
AAB K2 Seth

OB Salomon Thruster
EB Fischer Addict
AAB Blizzard CSTM

OB Volkl Pearl

Race GS
OB Volkl Racetiger GS Racing
EB Fischer RC4 WC GS
AAB Salomon Equipe 2V race

Race SL
OB Nordica Dobermann Pro SL XBi
EB Fischer WC SL
AAB Blizzard SL Magnesium

No awards for the Fat Freeride skis (100mm +). Considering the great variety of programs and designs. But various criterions, like kind of terrain (narrow, wide, steep...), of snow, of skier physical and technical habilities, speed...

My thoughts : Good job Fischer.
And where are the Rossis and Dynastars ?! In a french mag ?
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Blizzard also showed well.

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Would love to own some of those Cool Heats. They seem awesome. Thanks for the interesting report, Philippe. That must have taken some time to type that all in.
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