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Goat Length

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Surprise! Another forum on Gotama lengths and bindings! I've seen others, but few recommendations in my size and there are a whole bunch of forums talking about the older more flexy version of the Gotama...

Heres a quick summary of whats up:

I am 25, 6' tall and weight 200 lbs. I currently am skiing a set of 174 2006 Rossignol B2s with Axial 120 bindings with a DIN at 8. My skis have been treating me well, but I want something with a little more lift for deep days up at Lake Tahoe (but I don't want to completely compromise all on-piste performance. My Rossis have been fun, but I feel like first they don't have enough float in deep powder (I end up leaning WAAAAAy back to keep the tips up), and second, at medium to high speeds they shimmy big time to the point that even at mid speed I need to have my edge in to keep my foot from pointing back and forth.

I'm shopping pre-season sales, etc, and am looking for a new set of skis and I have read a bunch about the Volkl Gotamas. I called up a few shops and they've all ran the gamut on what they've recommended for size and binding. The Best place I know told me to get 190s, but I'm worried they'll be a bitch to turn. They should be pretty stable at speed though, yes?

I consider myself an advanced skier and generally spend the day trying to find fresh tracks and trees (which at 190 I'm afraid I'll be playing pinball). When I am on groomers its to get back to the lift and I'm generally trying my best to go as fast as I can without hitting people.

So I guess my questions are:
a) Who has experience on the 07/08 version of the "Goats"
b) What length would you recommend?
c) Which binding do you recommend? (keeping a balance of performance and money. I mean, we'd all love to have $500 bindings... but lets be real... Like, for example, Z12s would be in my price range...)
d) Any other comments, etc.
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The latest Goat I've skied was the 05/06 model. The 190 will not be too much ski for you. I'm 5'11" and 180 and I would like a 200. They ski a good 10cm short. Your B2's are likely waay too little ski for you.

Don't get the Z12's. Why not just take the binders off your B2's? You'll probably want to throw them in a dumpster after you ski the Gotamas.
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Thanks for the reply and the intel there. I'm going ot have to agree with you on my skis being a little short. My last set of skis was an old set of K2s which were razor straight and I think 190's, so I thought I'd drop the length down on my new set and the ~180 B2s felt pretty dead so I went with the 174s.

And well, geez. Thanks for the thought on the bindings, I hadn't even thought about taking my bindings off my B2s. Kinda a no brainer, 'eh? Talk about not seeing whats in front of me...

Has anyone mounted Axial 120s on Goats?
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Actually.... crap. Now I know why I can't do that...

My bindings don't have a wide brake. Doah!!!
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I don't know about Rossi binders, but you can bend most brake arms with a length of steel pipe.
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Why were you opposed to the Z12?

What about the STH 14?
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I'd say 190. I also wonder if you need some boot work of some kind with the shimmy problem.
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Originally Posted by burrgos View Post
Why were you opposed to the Z12?
People don't like the toe. I haven't skied that style of Salomon toe in more than a decade, so I can't back up the claim that it sucks. At least it doesn't suffer from the most common complaints about the other bindings...wing adjustments and lost wing pads.
What about the STH 14?
What is that? If it is the STH 12 people won't like it for the same reason. 914s are plastic and not the greatest for a 100 day season but probably adequate.
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For ski shimming, thats a good thought, but my Boots shouldn't be the issue. I got a new set of X-wave 10.0's last season with the ~$50 foot pads (the shop threw them in for me) and they fit me like gloves (I love them!).

I was mistaken on the bindings. I was mixing the 914 and the STH 16.

Has anyone skiied the Marker Jesters? I would just get another set of the Rossignol Bindings I have on my B2s (or maybe the Scratch 140s), but I'm not sure that the WB version will fit the 105 waist.
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The wide brake will fit with perhaps slight modification. Not a big deal...if you like that binding go for it. There is an available even wider brake as well.
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as other have said 190 you probably wont use the B2 again the only place the B2s would be better is bumps..

bindings the jesters should be great.
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Don't just buy some Gotama's. If the 180-ish B2 felt dead, you aren't going to like a Gotama in any length. Sign up for a demo day and try lots of 90-100+ waisted skis. I bet that something other than the Gotamas will hit the mark for you.

What makes you think you want a Gotama other than everyone else's recommendations? Also, what is the fattest ski you have ever been on? If you haven't spent much time on fatties, a Gotama will likely feel awkward and planky.

I spent a few seasons on 183 Gots and upgraded to 190's for this year, but don't think that a B2 to Gotama jump is a "gimme" move.
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When I demoed it was a non-powder day and I was also demoing with the Top Fuels and the Salmon Pilot Hots (I think?). I was also looking for an all-mountain ski.

However, really, I found that since I've bought that ski I want something with more girth. I've bounced around a little and read a lot of reviews and narrowed things down to the 1080 gun, the mantra and the gotama.

I'm concerned that w/ my height and weight that guns will be too soft, and the mantra will be too "all-mountainy". Everything I've heard about hte Gotamas has been good. Do you have other recommendations?
post #14 of 23 you have skied the Gotama's...that helps. What length?

If you prefer off trail skiing, the Gotama is a great ski. If you spend equal time skiing on and off trail, then a Mantra is the better bet.

I have Mantra's and Gotama's, if that makes it any less fuzzy for you.
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At your size and weight 190 for sure, don't go less!
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I disagree, burrgos you should look at the 183cm. I think in your case, you will find the 183 to be much more manageable than a 190 cm. You will be adding 27 mm under foot and 9 cm in lengh to your current setup. That is a lot of added float, but as always demo diffrent skis as well as lenghts first.

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I'm with you all. I'm going to hold off on buying until maybe next spring and in the mean time demo as much as I can. Thanks folks!
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a few dedicated Goat heads over at TGR are juiced about the Moment Ruby, which comes in 180 and 188cm lengths.

according to one diehard Goat boy: "The Rubies have that old Got flex to them and that's the main reason why I want a pair. Plus they have a touch more sidecut so they'll slay hardpack too."

Just another option, as they're made in Reno and are pretty competively priced:

(and no, i don't have any affiliation with Moment. just been seeing their skis around KW for the past season and they look intriguing).

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I just checked out the link. It sounds intriguing. I emailed to see if they're doing any demos and I'll post their response.
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From Moment:

"will have many demo days in the tahoe area, just check back to our web site for dates and locations. Or we will be demoing out of our shop in Reno, and at the Truckee Sports Exchange."
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Holy sidecut! Anyone know what they're made of, eg, what wood in the generic woodcore triaxial wrap, any carbon etc?
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yeah, i plan to demo the Ruby at some point this season.

i actually rode with some Maggots @ KW last season and one guys was slaying some super gnar on a pair of those Comis.

also, i spoke with Moment and they said they'd probably be posting demo days not only on their site but on TGR, as well (sorry to plug the "competition" it's just that the Moments looks like cool skis and i'm a fan of supporting the little/indie cats).

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Howdy all. Just re-visiting my thread from last winter.

I ended up demoing many skis and bought a pair of 183 08 Gotamas last February.

They are stupidly awesome. I love the skis. They are sweet in trees, steeps and powder. Not bad on hardpack (B2s are better, but whatcha going to do?).

Overall, good purchase.

For future... eyeing Pontoons... maybe in a few years... .... .....

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