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Do you snowboard?

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Wondering if many of you snowboard in addition to skiing. If so, a few questions:

What are the qualitative differences between skiing and boarding for you? Has your skiing has changed (+ or -) by boarding? How do you choose between skiing and riding when you head up to the mountains? Along those lines, when (conditions, terrain, etc.)is a snowboard a more enjoyable, effective tool than a ski? What proportion of the time do you ride instead of ski? Any other ski vs. riding observations?

I'd answer myself, but I just started riding this year. I started skiing last year, skied quite a bit, and picked up a snowboard this year. I've had a lesson, read a great book on snowboarding and have been up about 4 times. I'm comfortable on intermediate slopes, starting to carve on the board. At this point, I know that skiing will be my primary choice for a variety of reasons, but I am definitely enjoying riding and can see a place for it in the mix. Wondering what the rest of you who ride think.
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I snowboard some, in the powder I enjoy it very much - though I still enjoy skis very much in the pow as well. In other conditions its fun to play with for just a change of pace, but I still far prefer skiing in every other condition/terrain.
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I ride about half the time. If there's powder, I'll usually go for the board. If I always skied at a big mountain, I probably wouldn't have tried a board, but my home hill is a smaller place, so the board was a new challenge. I'm still way more confident on skis, if I go to a big place I usually don't even bring the board
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I mix it up a bit and spend about 3-4 days a year on a snowboard and 3-4 days a year on tele's. For me I've never taken the amount of time needed to advance on a snowboard (or tele's). It is more of a decision I make when the conditions are not that good and I'll stick mainly to groomed slopes. I do it for the fun and challenge of it.
But it's tough to be a graper on a hill when you know you could be ripping it up on your alpine gear.
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I snowboard more than I ski. I started teaching skiing in 1988. Started snowboarding (and teaching it) the next year. For several years I did both about the same amount of time. Now, the board is my favorite tool. The only time I ski now is with a paying customer or my little girl. I can go places on my board I wouldn't even consider on skis. There is nothing like a snowboard in the powder. I will get close to 150 days of riding this season.

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