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Poll Results: Boot Heater Preferences

  • 21% (15)
    Boot heaters are for the weak, don't use them
  • 20% (14)
    Have them, sometimes use them on those extra cold days
  • 37% (26)
    Swear by them, can't go a day without them
  • 20% (14)
    What are boot heaters / no preference
69 Total Votes  
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Thermoflex liners. Been using them for years, feet stay snug warm, if its too cold for my feet in them, it is just too damn cold for me to ski because everything else in my body cannot take it.
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I have hotronics and a heated bootbag,plug it in at 530am then into lighter socket for ride up.Nothin finer than a 100 degree boot wrapped arround your foot right from the get go.
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PSA My locakl TJ Maxx has Bootgloves for 12.99. Mine only had Small and Large, in stock YMMV.
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I have Therm-ic. My feet usually start off cold but after a couple of runs they warm up, on really cold days I would have to go in to the chalet for ten minutes, open the buckles of my boots and then I was fine for the rest of the day. Last year I got new Salomon Gun boots (falcon style) and I find these are cold boots. My feet just don't warm up in these so I had to get warmers and am I glad I did. I turn them off when I go in for lunch and usually don't turn them on after that and no mid morning dashes to the chalet to warm up a bit. Now I start off and end my day in comfort.
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Bootgloves for me, but I only need them for my snowboard hardboots that are leaking air and water so badly it's not funny anymore, but well they are all older than 10 years (Raichles) so I'm happy the boots are still in great shape and with bootgloves it works well enough. However I cut away most of the front part of the liner to fit into smaller boots, and touching the wet plastics with my toes isn't really a pleasant feeling, however wit bootgloves around it's all sweet on cold days, on warm days I enjoy the ventilation the boots provide.
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keeping boots warm in the car

Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post
....stuff your sox or mittens in the boot tops while you drive to the ski area to keep in the warm air, .
I wrote this once before so apologies for the redundancy. I installed two hoses (salvaged from an old vacuum cleaner) that run from the heater ducts in my Outback. I shove them into the boots on the drive, or I put the ends of the hoses into a large duffel bag and store everyones boots in it. works!

I'm interested in the boot glove idea for standing in line. One day the wait for fresh was over an hour before the KT line opened and it was cold. at one point the lifty seemed to be ready to load, so I tightened my buckles. another long period ensued. I didn't want to unbuckle as it would delay me after unloading. So I stamped my feet so hard and so long that I delammed the tip of my Explosiv. Now that hurts!
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I used Hotronics for years during my coaching/work on the race hill days. If you have to be out in any kind of weather, they are the best. I got the long cords so I was able to hook the batteries to the waistband of my pants. This kept the batteries warms so they lasted longer. Also eliminated the problem of batteries getting whacked by things down around your boot tops....chairs, drills, gates, kids, etc.

Since those days, I'm able to pick and choose better, so when I get cold I just come in. The Hotronics now gathering dust in my closer. If anyone wants a few sets (probably have four or five of them), I'll sent them to you (batteries, chargers, heating elements) for the cost of postage. If it's cold and I have to ski, I use my Garmont Adrenalins with Thermoflex liners. Always warm in those.
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The Thermoflex/Intuition alternative to boot heaters:

As a lot of folks have said, take your liners out of their shells after skiing and let them dry or dry them in their shells with a warm air blower of some sort designed for that purpose. As Phil P. and choucas have said, the Themoflex liner alternative will keep your feet toasty warm without any need for a boot heater (barring circulation problems with your feet, perhaps) and there is no need to worry about batteries, charging and such. Plus, they are lighter than standard boot liners. I suspect Intuition liners will work, as well. I have never experienced cold feet or toes in Themoflex liners in years of skiing in them.
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