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Tenderfoot in Keystone

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Has anyone had any experience at this condo? Is the location good? How far am i from the lifts. Im going on January 7th so any comments from people that have been here before will be appreciated. thanks.
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Tenderfoot lodge is the name sorry about that
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Haven't stayed in Tenderfoot Lodge yet but I've walked inside and peeked around once or twice. Someone else may have the inside info on how comfortable the furniture is.

The condos seem nice and have a mountainy(sp?) feel. Standard fare for a deluxe condo in a mountain resort. They still look kinda new - maybe 6 or 8 yrs old. Heated underground parking, couple of outdoor hottubs.

Located in the greater Mtn House neighborhood it sits nearly in the middle of the Resort, half the resort to the east of you and the other half west. You could drive to River Run like everyone else and walk two blocks to ride the chair or gondola to the top of Keystone or you could walk in shoes/winter boots one block across the Snake River and change into your ski boots inside the Mountain House and walk outside to catch the not-so-crowded Peru Express. (It would actually take longer to drive to the Mtn House than walk, definitely.)

This condo bldg is close enough to the lifts that driving doesn't make much sense unless you need the Gondola first thing each day. It is also maybe a block or two away from 7 restaurants, 4 bars and 4 ski shops.

Also, the free county-wide shuttle, the Summit Stage, currently has a regular stop just two condo bldgs down, in front of the Young Realty office.

vrbo.com or other sites might have pics of you take time to search. While Keystone's online Resort map will help you get your bearings on proximities.
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