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What's your favorite Salmon Recipe?

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I just tried Salmon for the first time, & although not the finest of Salmon, It was still very tasty. :

So, I'm looking for the Ultimate Salmon Recipe.
Oh, & what to serve with this fish. Beer? Chardonnay? What's your choice?
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Cut up Salmon fillets. Throw them in zip lock and put in Hoisin sauce( chinese sauce available in most supermkts), asian chili sauce, dash of sesame oil, dash vinegar. Marinate for few hours and then grill. The hoisin forms glaze on fish which is very tasty.
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That sounds tasty.
Will the Salmon start to split when done?

Trying this one tomorrow.

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Raw in spicy sauce, sushi style.
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I ahve not noticed that salmon starts to split when done. However, better to undercook fish than overcook it.
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grilled or broiled with Mango Jazz.

Sauce made with onions, green and other color peppers, ginger, garlic, sweet and sour sauce, orange juice, cayenne. Just mix it up, whatever you feel like throwing in.

Oh and sliced Mangos of course. (I've actually put fresh cranberries in at the end as well, we have them growing near our house.)

Serve over salmon filets, or cut salmon up into sauce oriental style.

Hot and sweet. Mango and Cayenne.
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Simple goodness ...

Salmon filets, drizzled with olive oil, light salt & pepper. On the grill, skin side down, indirect heat (around 350-375) for about 20 minutes.

I usually serve with a nice oaky Chardonnay or sometimes even a lighter red like a young burgandy or a pinot noir.

Yummy (and good for you too!)
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First would be sashimi.

Second is grilled on a cedar plank.

Served with a Pinot Noir or a Marzen style beer
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I'm with MattL except I prefer a different beverage.

Extremely fresh Salmon Sashimi, light dip in soy sauce and Wasabi.

Served with Premium chilled Sake in a Cedar box.
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Best I had was some that we caught up in Talketna Alaska. Caught it in the morning, ate is Sashimi that afternoon.
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good quality salmon, fresh and high fat content, does not really need anything but a little salt and pepper. Grill directly over the flames with the skin on. I usaully cook at about 400-450 flipping once.(don't wrap in foil) until medium, it should not split more than to just crack open. That usually indicates a low fat content salmon or overcooked. I cut fish for 6 years in fish markets so we ate only the best of the best. Those were the days. lobster for breakfast.... I do enjoy cooking it with some rosemary or bay leaf. If you want to kick it up, marinate for 15 mins. or so in bourbon.
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