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canting - boot fit advice, long

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I wear a 11.5 b street shoe, golf shoe and New Balance tennis shoe. All require extra padding under the footbed to allow my foot to fill up the space available. All lace up shoes I have ever worn pull either side of the shoe completely together across my instep. I'm told I have a low instep and a low volume foot.
If I stand with my feet in my tennis shoes in a normal skiing position with my feet spread about 7.5 inches apart my knees will come together by the time my knees cover my toes as I am looking down at them.

If I build up under the inside of each shoe 3/8th of an inch my knees will track track relatively straight ahead. My right leg works inside slightly more than my left.

If I flair my feet apart 25 to 30 degrees apart my knees will track straight ahead without modifying my stance under my tennis shoe.

I now ski 28.5 Salomon Gun boots that were properly shell fit and have been double checked by another bootfitter. They are comfortable, warm and no hotspots. I have custom footbeds that offer good arch support and are built up to fill some of the excess volume inside the boot ($125), sole planeing and alignment work with the adjustable parts of the boot and a heel lift to move the top of my ankle up to stay in contact with the underside of my boots under the second buckle ($100) and a punched out left big toe ($25) because of problems with my toenail on my left big toe.

Nobody ever suggested that I needed canting but from what I read I seem like a logical customer for canting.

I have difficulty doing the "balancing on one ski" drill. My turns to the right are somewhat better than the turns to the left. (Remember my right leg works inside more than my left on a flat surface)

I do not live within 1,000 miles of a professional bootfitter. My trips to ski country are very costly on a per hour basis and unfortunately much too short. I’m never there long enough to want to take off for half of a day to fool around with my boots. (The other work I had done on my boots was while I was recovering from an injury.)

Can you advise me if another session with a bootfitter could potentially be worthwhile (worth missing a half day on the slopes) or should I just stick with what I’ve got and be glad the boots are comfortable?
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Let's look at this logically...

How much is your recreation time worth to you?

Why spend all that money and time to get to the ski area then not be able to ski to your potential because your equipment is holding you back?

You will not realize the grass could be greener on the other side until you take a little time to get your boots and alignment resolved correctly.

First the heel lifts may have been used to snug up your instep but they also affect your fore/aft balance. This could have helped or hindered in that area. A better way to take up volume without affecting your fore/aft balance would be to simply add bontex shims between your liner and boot board.

You are probably correct in assuming you need some canting work based on what you describe.

Do yourself a favor, get to a professional, get it right, and enjoy your valuable recreation time on the slopes every single turn!!

good luck!
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