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Greatest Runs You've Seen, in person or on TV

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Was it Klammer's? Killy? Maier after the crash at Nagano? A particular performance on the World Cup? Why? What made it "great"?
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Klammer - OBVIOUSLY! Greatest build up ever to a oneshotforallthemoney run in a sport more reveered by his small country than most any sport in any other country in the world.

And he nailed it completely over the edge and OUTTA CONTROL the whole way!! (just tha way i like it!) Try get'n the PSIA to teach them apples - hahahaha!
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Klammer's - never seen anything else like it!

BE the skis!
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Bill Johnsons win was pretty spectacular - after all the bragging he had done ("they might as well go home, its my course" etc). He knew he HAD to win or die trying, well we was willing to die trying - and was on the edge of destruction through much of the course. But he made it!
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Saw Klammer as a kiddie. Big impression. Mesmerizing. Weird, wild stuff.

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Donna Weinbrecht taking the GOLD at a World Cup Mogul Event, Mach I, Breckenridge, CO.

Real moguls, not those silly machine built bumps. She made complete turns in those monsta bumps, no straight running for her! I was right across the gully, midway down Shock. She is (was?) my favorite bumper, male OR female...

She rrrriiiiiiippppps! She Bop! Way to go, Joisy Goil!

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Olympics? Yeah, the Kaiser, Johnson is a nasen borer, how about underdogs! F. Ochoa in 72? Deb Armstrong in '80, Kathy Kriener in '76. How about Nancy Greene winning the DH race of champs at over 50!
Hey how about the Japenese guy who skied Everest? Moose Barrows infamous crash. Slyvan Sudain on Mckinnley....Rick Sylvester off of El Capitan? Johnny Mosely's last run in Nagano! Heini Hemmi's outrageous victory in Sapparo(?) or was that Innsbruck.
I wish there was footage of Toni Matt's Tuck of Tuckermans....but the written accounts and the mind visual is enough!
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Jonney Moseley at Nagano '98. He showed the world how cool skiing could be, and introduced the world to "New School". It would not have been the same if he had thrown daffy-twister-spread. The day after I saw every race rat in Mammoth trying to land a "360 mute grab", The most influencial moment in skiing since Blizzar of Ahhs.

The sickest run I have ever seen in person was Guerlain Chicherit run at the Gravity Games in Mammoth. If you have never seen this run Whoa!
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It is kinda hard to beat Franz Klammer's run, for all the reasons that Cheap Seats stated. Except...I don't for a moment believe he was outa control. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Although it was way before my time, and long before video cameras, I once heard a first hand report from someone who was there (Herb Schneider) of Toni Matt's schuss of the Tuckerman Ravine headwall during the Inferno race in 1939. That has to be among the top five runs of the 20th century. It's hard to describe to someone who has never been there the sensation that you get of skiing off the edge of the earth. Doing it straight, in a tuck, now THAT may qualify as outa control! <FONT size="1">

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Probably have to go with Klammer. Out of control? Certainly "Right on the Edge of Crazy" and close to disaster. Would have to agree that Moseley's second run was incredibly influential.

Though not one run, the second run of the men's gs in Nagano was incredibly exciting with the build up to the Austrian's skiing at the end and Maier skiing last and winning the gold.

Tomba certainly had some amazing runs where he came from several seconds back to win on his second run.
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La Bomba...remember when he waved to his entourage 3 or 4 gates from the finish! One of the greatest sets of linked recoverys I ever saw was Meredith Gardner at the 81 FIS mogul final in Angel Fire...amazing.
Another that "haunts" me....gives me the heeby-begeebees...the Egan Bros and the cornice...that just went away!
On reflection, I'll stay with Toni Matt...the image may be literary....but it verges on mythical.
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>>Hey how about the Japenese guy who skied Everest? <<

A well known joke, made it with tons of assistance to the 1st shoulder. Then straight shot down the mountain - with the skills of an intermediate, pulled a parachute - and managed to live. He is a living joke. But in a society (Japan) totally based on image . . . he did well for himself . . . ." THe Man Who SKied Everest"]
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I've seen replays of The Kaiser's run. Definitely one of the best. I also liked Daron Rahlves (sp?) SG win this year. That was also an impressive run.

As for non-competitive runs, probably Mike Rogan (PSIA D-Teamer) in the bumps on Ripcord (damn steep. I think it's labeld as 38 degrees? Todd would know)) at Mt Snow a few years ago. We had just had a nice dump, and the bumps were huge and soft. At one point the pitch went almost vertical for the length of about 3-4 bumps. Most people just flew that section, straight ran it, or made one big cautious turn through it. But not Mike. He ripped off three little pure arcs on the steepest part of the backs of the bumps. You could see the trenches he left. There were about 30-40 people at the bottom of the hill, in full view of this (Mike was the last one down). All Level III certs, Examiners and D-Teamers. The crowd was totally silent (in awe) as he was coming down, then went wild when he reached the bottom. I think that run inspired a rather cocky group to realize that we all have a long way to go in our skiing ability.
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God, I wish I could remember his name Todd...the flying wedge with the parachute spinnin behind him....of course now, there have been quite a few successful descents. That guy shore had stones though!
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quote: " Except...I don't for a moment believe he was outa control. He knew exactly what he was doing."

Yeah. He was try'n to stay alive.
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Ditto on the Chicherin @ Mammoth. That was insane.

"I am zee best skier in zee world."

Insane. Then to nail that flip at the end. Insane.

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Kamikaze's run where he goes heels over elbow all the way down that bowl.

No seriously. I would have to say that my generation sees Hermanator's post-crash run at Nagano as the coolest thing since frozen corn dogs. Moseley's run was Great, but merely OK in comparison.
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Are you talking about the super-g? I don't have that on tape but I have a short clip where he lands a jump. In slo-mo the skis are almost vertical. An amazing feat to not crash he was only a thought away from losing it.
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Speed skiing has to be seen. Definitely not on TV, because the cameras fool the eyes into slowing it down, but witnessed at the scene.
I stood at the top of the Les Arcs speed track in France back in the late 80s (that was the old track) when it was registering speeds of around 120mph. The current records, on the 1992 Olympic track, are over 150 mph.
These have to be the bravest craziest skiers on earth. When they fall they slide and bounce (in skin-tight suits) for what looks like half a mile. You can imagine the burns and bruises. The sounds of skis at these speeds are unique.
Truly frightening when you see the pitch of the track from the top.
The mountain where the event takes place -the Aiguille Rouge - is also one of the greatest hills I've ever skied. 2000 metres - 7000 vertical feet - of continuous skiing from the top, on the longest black run into the valley.
Go ski it (I recommend low season, maybe 3rd week of April if the snow's looking good)! But find out when the records are being attempted too.

David, London
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Gotta agree with the masses.

Klammer's run in that bright yellow Austrian team suit still heads to the front of my memory every time I take a bit too much air off a roller.

Moseley's Nagano run is a close second.
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Curious to know where on the map the trail is? Does it start at 3226m ?
trail map: http://www.ski-lesarcs.com/fr/plan.htm
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I used to live (roomate) with a speed skier. His speed skis were 240cm, almost as wide as nordic jumping skis.

I have a cool picture that I doctored up in Fractal Painter for his "portfolio" (no, not PSIA ), I'll see if I can find it... He could ski, but he was a loser, in a lot of other things (looter, actually).

Yea, they are nutty people. Never saw a live run, just some videos.

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Klammer's Olympic gold.... First Place
Billy Johnson's Downhill Olympic Gold medal...Second Place
Maier's Spectacular Olympic Crash that he survived and then went on to win, I think two golds, in two other alpine events..... Third Place

Honorable mention has to go to the unidentified person that you see at the beginning of the show promo for ABC's Wide World of Sports. He is the one that crashes and burns after falling off the front edge of a ski jump during an ill fated ski jump attempt. I believe it is during the Jim McKay voice over narative when the word "agony" is used.. as in the "Thrill of victory ...and the agony of defeat."
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There is something to seeing events live. When I lived/worked in Breck, I worked the WC Freestyle champs, and, most notably, the areals. Until you stand there on the landing hill, watching them go up (and up and up and down and down and down) and land, you simply can't understand. I watched one Japanese guy, guring the last practice jumps, land pretty squarely on his head. ouch!

I guess it's like comparing a picture of the Grand Tetons to actually standing there and looking at them live, up close.

That would be wild to watch a speed skiing event.
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I think the thing about the Klammer run was that the insanity of downhill was captured visually. I mean you could know almost nothing about skiing and be able to tell that Klammer was really on the edge of disaster and holding on. It looked fast too. A lot of times you get no sense of the speed at all. Plus the pressure of the hometown favorite...this is it, right now. Could he win?

I remember reading in Ski or Skiing one of the editors talking about (I think) Lasse Kjus of Norway's win at the 99/00 wc finals at Sierra Nevada, Spain. He called it the greatest sporting feat he's ever seen. Anyone know about this?<FONT size="1">

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Somewhere I had a tape of that. It doesn't stick in my mind though. I probably copied over it that summer when Michael Schumacher and Ferrari won the f1 world championship.
They said Benny Reich's SL run that year was the "best ever". I taped it and upon review thought it to be not so much a technical masterpeice as brilliant athleticism. I sent that tape to the summer camp I work for to use in their "visual example" tape they give the kids. It didn't get used and I haven't been able to find it.
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