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Multi-topic Boot help-- Boot fitter, custom liners

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I am *finally* getting new boots! I have been skiing in some pretty stiff Lange L8's since 2001, but they are bashed and beaten-up and well past their best days. I have been holding off (suffering for the last two seasons, and rigging up all sorts of crazy fixes) because I had some babies, and I didn't want to invest in new boots if my feet were going to change during pregnancy.

Now I have the go-ahead from my husband to spend the time and money to get exactly what I want!

Soooo. . .

1. I am a small, fairly aggressive female skier (mostly open bowl, off-piste type conditions), with small, narrow feet and very narrow heels. Which can be a challenge, because I like my heel to stay put in that heel pocket. Am I going to be able to get a good enough fit out of the box with super narrow heels (boots seem to be getting wider) or should I be looking at custom liners right off the bat? And any boot recommendations (aside from Lange, and even junior race Lange) to initially get a good fit straight out of the box?

2. At one point, I was going to do the whole SureFoot system. I have a few friends who like it, but I gather it's a pretty rough break-in and not everyone is enamored of their custom liner. What do you guys think? Are there better products on the market? One was recommended to me a year or so ago, but I seem to remember that it required a lot of reheating, which I don't always have the time for, with two small kids to juggle on ski days.

3. Bootfitter recommendations in Colorado? (We live along the Front Range.) I have heard that Larry's Bootfitting in Boulder is good, but when I stopped in to take a look and ask a couple of questions, it was a nuthouse! (I guess that's a good sign.) We are also frequently at Copper and in Vail.

Thanks. Sorry for my wordiness. I rarely get to *talk to* adults, and this is the sorry result.
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1) lange plug boots in a small size might be a good option, the also have the freeride boots down to a 3 this year. raichle/full tilt might be another good one to look at for heel lock down too.

2) surefoot if you get the right person is great. but just like any store if you get the wrong perons you are in for it. Any good boot fitt will take time. 60 minutes in the store for round one and then a few more touchups after that. please do all that without kids, for everyones health

3) Look on the boot fitters list on this site, but have heard nothing but good stuff for Larry.
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Check out race soft race boots because they generally have narrower lasts. Look at Nordica Doberman Pro or Aggressors 100's (narrower), Tecnica Diablo 130's, Atomic CS models.

Reading your posts and your issues with heel hold down you should have a boot fitter check your dorsiflexion range, you may need to run a bit of a heel lift in your boots to open the ankle and lessen the net forward lean of your boot.
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