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I am looking at buying the 2003 G3 and I was wondering what binding you have on yours?
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I use The Rossi 120 on the G3.

I go for LOOK all the time, the older the better. You know, the small dead spot due to binging/boot. Not really fussy, as I have Markers on my P30's.

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I'm considering buying a pair of Volkl Vertigo G2's in 184 length.

I'm of large build (6'4, 280), and I'm a strong intermediate skier in the mid-atlantic region. This season with some lessons I'm hoping to move to some black-diamond terrain.

Do you guys have any opinions on the Volkl G2? I'm looking for an all-mountain ski that is not too narrow-wasited. I'm coming from a pair of older dynastar Max 3's (195's) that are verry narrow waisted. These dynastars seem thin, somewhat flimsy, and unstable on steeper terrain to me. Would the G2's be a good choice to move to for a slightly stiffer, wider, more controllable ski that will help me stay confident on steeper terrain (steep to me = single black diamond runs). I can ski fine on most any blue-square now, but when I hit anything steeper than that I lose confidence, get scared of the speed, and start turning defensively/braking.

Would the Volkl G2's help me improve, and keep up with me for a while if I do? If not, are there other skis you would recommend? Please keep in mind that I am on a tight budget as well.


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At your size you should be able to bend just about any ski made. My wife 5'5" and all of 105 lbs has skied the G20 in a 168? not sure of the size. For her it was fine ski, one she liked alot. I think you would over power that ski. The G3 would be better choice so would some of the Atomics 11:20 or 10:20 Check out volants They make all wood core and stainless steel caped ski. They should hold up fine for you. You will see a lot of last seasons Volants on sale. But remember no matter what ski your skiing it won't prevent you from defensive skiing.
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Utah49, thanks for the advice. I will check out the atomics and volants as you've suggested.

I appreciate and agree with your note about defensive skiing as well. I'm planning on taking some lessons this year where I will ask the instructor to work with me on just that. I need to get over my fear of speed on steeper terrain, and I think learning not to skid/push my heels out first should help also.

I feel that if I can get to the point where I can practice linking non-skidded turns (say 5 - 10 consecutive turns) on slightly steeper terrain, that may be what I need to advance at this point.
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