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Streaming media

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It's PinHed.

You need Windows Media Player to view this clip. Working on figuring out Real Player.

Let me know how it goes -- it's my first one.

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Nice job!
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Sweet. Lots more to come...
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Awesome!! pinhead, for someone who has had back problems, you have the spine of a snake!!!
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Very nice! Pinnhead was looking good. So when do we get to see SCSA?
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Coming, coming.
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I'm impressed, no alpine shuffle.
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Excellent resolution quality SCSA. And nice turns Pinner!
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nice and smooth, great balance and rhythm
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For anyone having problems viewing the video, assuming you're on a Windows platform.
Right click on the link.
Choose "Save Target As"
Then put in a name for the file. This will save the clip onto your computer.
Once you've done that, try playing it. If it still doesn't work, then download the latest Windows Media Player from the Microsoft site:
WMP download

Hope this helps,


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Good job SCSA, we like movies. I don't have a sound card, so I cannot get sound, but the image is outstanding.

PinHed was not bad considering that his bindings are malfunctioning. That heel piece keeps detaching from the ski.

Pierre eh!, what is the alpine shuffle?
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Great. Looks like everyone has Windows Media Player, so I'll stay in that direction.

If anyone here has experience in developing Real Player content, drop me a PM.

Happy turns!
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Tom B:
The alpine shuffle is very typical of alpine skiers who have converted to telemark or telemark intermediate skiers. It consists of carring too much weight on the outside ski necessitating a shuffle during turn initiation to transfer the weight to the new outside ski.
In telemark, you weight the skis much more evenly and the turn initiation is smooth with both feet participating at the same time, no shuffle.
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Hey SCSA, you sound like Nicholas Cage!
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I got a picture of somebody's armpit.


How do we nongeeks with old telephone lines get to see the pictures?
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Kneale move to the real United States eh.
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Nicely shot, Paul, thanks!
This and other footages are the only things which bring me near snow these days, we're completely without the natural stuff and it's too cold for the man made (all machineries are frozen!)
And very nicely skied, Pinhed...
I'm no Tele expert (nor anything else)...
but smoothness of movement (as to appear effortless) is one of the thing I admire most
in any skier, regardless of the gear they're using. Great.
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I'm working on creating Real content, which I think will solve your problem. Hopefully.


Nick Cage is a great actor.
From Moonstruck;
"Snap out of it".

"We're here to ruin ourselves, and break our hearts and love the wrong people and die"

Put me in a dark room and I can watch Leaving Las Vegas for hours at a time.

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WOW! It's so fun to see some people from the site. Nice turns Pinny
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SCSA, check your PM - RealProducer info.
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Thanks all.

So, when I saw the video this morning for the first time I thought it would inspire a lot of critique from you folks. Won't someone please do me the honour? Really. I'm ready for it. Actually I'll post the critique request on the intruction forum where it belongs.

BTW, isn't Suzy a sweetie (kneeling with the board on)?

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