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Grinding vs. Punching

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I have some new boots that will need some work. Tecnica Diablo Race R. I have always done my own boot work, with the help of other, more experienced, industry friends. I'm a big DIY guy, and like to learn.

I have access to a Foredom, as well as a Keyser Punch (which, by the way is about the best punch I've ever seen!)

I'm thinking I'll grind the heel area, where I have a big knob on the outside of my heel on each side, and grind out the toe box to create a little more room. Also, I have a knobby cuboid on my right foot that I'll probably grind too.

Other than that, I'll use the punch for the Navicular, and sixth toe. My buddy, who went through the whole Soze group training, says we won't need to grind at all.... we can punch everything. My thought is, the less we distort the shell, the better.

Any thoughts?
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I agree with your view UP! Grind first punch second IMO
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Awesome. Thanks, Bud. I just wanted another opinion.

So then once everything is dialed in fit-wise, then I can get leveled and plane the soles, right? That needs to be the last step, right?
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You got it!
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just make sure you do the grinds right. plus side of grinds, they don't come back like some punches do, and like you said, don't distort the shell. down side it you get them in the wrong place, they are not reversible.
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Mntlion is right, it may be prudent to practice on your worst enemies boots before your own!

I like to use lipstick on the hot spots to mark the inside of shell then grind with my fingers on the outside of the area being ground to I can feel where I am at on shell wall thickness. Practice chamfering (sp?) the grind smoothly then come back if you can with a flapper to smooth out the grind.
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I've ground boots quite a bit.... I'm pretty comfortable with that part. I was actually marking them last night. I used black shoe polish rather than lipstick, though.
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Black shoe polish,...What fun is that?
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Oh, I've had lipstick on the hotspots too. Now that you mention it, I do like that better....
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