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WC starts next week!

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Will it be televised at all? I know you can watch it online for a fee, but I would really rather watch it on my large TV than my comparatively tiny pc monitor.
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Torrent trackers

There is a small chance that alpine ski racing programming in good quality may mysteriously start appearing on some torrent trackers : this winter ... Please stand by for further developments.
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I see the always-alert USSA site has the 05-06 schedule posted! Useful for viewers on Alpha Centauri, I guess.
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Apparently OLN thinks more viewers would rather watch rodeo and hunting on TV. I dont get it!
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In the US, more people would rather watch rodeo and hunting.
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Originally Posted by Alaska Mike View Post
In the US, more people would rather watch rodeo and hunting.
True, but that's exactly what I don't get.
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Yep, I'd say with very few exceptions...

...WCSN is about it any more. The good news is that occasionally you'll catch it on WCSN on actual cable or satellite TV (as opposed to the TV version), which is how I got last year's Lauberhorn...
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The Altitude Network (available in some or all of Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah) carries some of the WCSN coverage. They just sent me an email with the following:

We have an agreement with WCSN for a weekly 1-hour show. They provide us with whatever events they want covered that week.

We will carry FIS events during the week of:

12/3 3:00pmMT FIS: Men & Women World Cup, Austria
12/17 3:00pmMT FIS: Men & Women World Cup, Finland
12/24 3:00pmMT FIS: Men & Women World Cup, Canada
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Is WCSN available in Canada this season?
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