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Good all arounder?

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I've been looking for a good all around ski and I been reading good reviews
about Volkl AC4/5 and Mantra, but they are a bit too expensive . Any good
advice for a good all around ski thats a bit less expensive and where to buy
from? also I don't mind getting an older year/model .

edit: I am 6ft and am 140ish lb.
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atomic nomad balckeye

the nomad blackeye is a terrific all round ski selling for 800 in my shop w/ bindings. no shamless plug for shop name here
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How about the Scott Mission. Selling for $575. If you are considering the Mantra the Mission is similar, but over $100 bucks cheaper. I rode the Mission last Feb at the Copper demo and it was one of my favorites in this years line up of new skis. Plus at $575, it's one of the best priced skis out there.
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scott p3 sellin for like 299.gets good remarks.Line prophet 90 "kinda fat for everyday" gets good remarks 399.
Also do a search for demo/used ski's can find a deal on slightly used demo's all yr long.
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What is your skiing ability level, what type of snow do you like to ski, what is your skiing style, what is your skiing energy level?
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I ski mainly steeps and groomers at mammoth, and just getting into expert level stuff.

edit: O yea thanks for the suggestions so far, I will look into them.
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What do you guys think about Explosivs vs LP vs Prophet 90/100?
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Head Monsters are a pretty good, all 'round ski ,,, the IM 77, 82 and 88. All of these can be found on e-Bay for varying prices ...
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