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Best Length for Gotamas

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Hoping someone can help. I'm in the market for a pair of 07/08 Gotamas but not sure about the length. I'm 5' 10", weigh about 155 and ski fairly aggressive, although most of my "powder" skiing takes place here in VT. Yes, we do have powder out here, but the search for it usually means we're skiing in the trees, through gullies, and often fairly tight spots.

I've been on an older pair of Goats, the '04 models in a 176 and they felt a little short to me. This had led me to think about moving up to a pair of 183s. However, I've read some comments that the new models may be a bit stiffer and the tails aren't turned up quite as much. If true, this would probably make the '07 Goats ski a little longer then the same length in an older model.

So, anyone out there skied both the '04s and the '07s that can verify if there's a significant difference.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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The goat stiffness & sizing thing is much discussed. Use the search function with the obvious combos of search terms and you'll find a ton of info. Although I'm not sure it'll make your decision any easier...
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If I were you I'd go 176. I'm sure you'll live on the 183s.

I'm 6' 200 lbs and ski the 183 (older model). I've also skied the '08 190 and didn't really notice a lot of difference between the two. Still, I'd say 176.
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If you ski agressively go at least 183, the 176 is too short. Also you'll like the added stiffness then.

I'm about your size with 170 lbs and find even the 183 somewhat short, went with 190. But for the trees you will be perfectly fine with the 183.
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I am finding myself leaning towards the 183. When I was on the '04 176 it just seemed a tad short. Had to be that big turned up tail. And my favorite ski that I have right now, and the one I usually go to when I get to play up at Stowe, is the Head Monster I88 in a 177. That ski seems perfect to me, and it also felt longer then the Goat in a 176. I had really thought that the extra width of the Goat, even with the shorter running length, would have negated the big turned up tail.

So, any other comments, long or short?
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183...They ski way short. I sold my 183's this spring and got Got 190's.
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i reckon the reasons the iM88 felt longer than your Goat would be 1. the turned up tips and tails of the Goat and 2. the stiffer nature of the iM88.

it's been my experience, limited though it may be, that a stiffer ski will feel as if it skis much longer than it is. my No Ka Ois are only a 180 but they feel a helluva lot like my old 198 7S's in terms of how they straightline (they don't turn as much/quickly, but that's due to the sidecut, i would imagine).

at any rate, why not demo some 184's and 190's back-to-back and save yourself the agonization of wondering which size to get.

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The 183's ski around 179 (compared to my other skis)... so definitely don't go any shorter.
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