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I currently have Salomon X-Wave 10 boots to ski everything but last season and this current season i have been skiing alot more freestyle and think maybe these boots have too much lean and not enough flex.. Is there any way to make them flex more or do i need new boots? If so which would be good.. they need to work in conditions other than the park aswell..
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find a boot fitter who can lift your boot toes with a 5mm plate, add a 1/4" lift inside to open the ankle and offer better leverage to flex the boot. If you need more flex the cuff can be soften by a boot fitter.

Or, you could buy one of the hot new freeride specific boots.
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Flex: to make then softer remove the second rear rivet. That will make a Xwave 10 flex like a 9 and it is reversible if you don't like it.

F lean: remove the rear cuff
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