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Blizzard Titan 8??

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What do you guys know about the Titan 8? I stumbled across some for a decent deal but I am wondering how they compare to the Titan 9? Are they suitable for a light (155 lbs.) skier that can make a turn or two or are they pretty wimpy skis? The length is 169 cm.

For comparison my other skis are Volkl 6 Stars 161 cm and Atomic M:EX 165 cm. I ski 90 East / 10 West.

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Originally Posted by MattL View Post
or are they pretty wimpy skis?
No. You'll luv 'em.
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I skied them and they are different than the Nine. The ski short, so the 169 will be good for your size. Very smoooth ski and good eastern ski at that.
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Thanks guys. One other question. What binding would you recommend on this ski?
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FWIW, i have a brand new pair of 2006 (grey/orange) Titan 8's in a 175 length for sale...

i rode the 175 for a full day at Heavenly awhile back and loved it. i rode the 181 Titan 9 for 2 days at Heavenly and love it, as well, so I bumped up to the longer version.

great ski, regardless.
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