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Big Sky/Moonlight?

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I am getting ready to plan a ski trip. I have been to Utah for the past 5 years. We usually ski Alta, Snowbird, Snowbasin, Solitude and maybe a day or two at either the Canyons or Park City. We were going to go back again this year because it is our favorite place to ski. I've never been to Montana. How is the skiing at Big Sky? I saw a clip of it from Warren Miller's The Grid. It looks pretty impressive, if there is snow. I know last year was a little rough. So is the snow hit or miss? Utah has some of the most dependable snow. We would probably go in March, maybe late March. Should we keep going with what we like or is it worth a shot at Big Sky? Any info is helpful because I don't know anything about Big Sky/Moonlight. Where is a good place to stay that is close to the slopes? Do you fly into Bozeman?
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From what I hear although never experienced is that Big Sky gets pretty good around late January early February. I have however skied earlier on in the season and the snow cover isn't as thick and it can be a little rocky. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, I'd hate to give him the wrong idea.
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UT Hucker -

Last year was a bit rough & had a late start but there still was tons of great skiing. Big Sky is huge and the combination of Big Sky & Moonlight is massive. I would highly recommend visiting both for a fun change of pace. The snow is generally good. The variety of terrain is great with everything from uncrowded groomers to steep chutes. The powder is good and usually not skied out for a day or two due to the small crowds. Both resorts definitely have a laid-back attitude compared to most ski areas.

Coverage is consistantly good by mid-February through March. That is when I would recommend coming if you are planning an organized trip.

You can get direct flights to Bozeman from SLC. Your other option is to drive. Its around 350 miles, mostly freeway driving. The stretch from Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone can get a bit hairy if the winds are whipping up. One advantage of driving is you can hit Grand Targhee and/or Jackson Hole on the way. That would make for a memorable trip.
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I had heard that the place is usually empty even on weekends. I like that aspect of it. The trail map looks interesting too. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by ut_hucker View Post
I had heard that the place is usually empty even on weekends. I like that aspect of it. The trail map looks interesting too. Thanks.
The only problem on weekends is with the tram which has epic skiing on powder days. Hopefully the new Dakota chair will relieve some of the pressure.

The trail maps don't do Big Sky & Moonlight justice. They don't show the enormity of the place nor does the Big Sky map give many of the groomers on Andesite justice. (Andesite is the mountain on the left which has some kick-ass groomers which are virtually empty during the week so you can pretend you're the Hermanator.)
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We're going out again this year, but putting it off until probably late February. Last year was a great year to ruin your skis!! Moonlight is a trip, and Big Sky is BIG. What you hear about the crowds is correct - they aren't really there. The terrain is a gnar as any you'll ski in the lower 48 - well, maybe except Jackson, but it's steep as hell in the Headwaters @ Moonlight. I've only been on a few runs in the HW - most are a bit too hairy for me.

While you're out there, make sure to catch Bridger too!
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How close if Bridger? Where do you all stay?
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Bridger is closer to Bozeman than Big Sky (about 20-30 minutes???), and I stay with relatives in Bozeman.
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Lets put Big Sky/Moonlight in perspective.

Everyone knows how BIG Jackson Hole is, right. 2500 acres of inbounds and 3000 acres of OB.

Big Sky/MLB is that same size and all lift served!

Should you decide to venture OB, add an additional 2500 acres to that figure. Unless you know your stuff, I would not recommend that.

Last year, early season was tough, no, make that brutal.

Feb. brought us back on track. Show up here after Feb. 15th and we will have good snow. Show up here before and some years we will have good snow. No matter. The skiing is always pretty damn good.

Originally Posted by ut_hucker View Post
How close if Bridger? Where do you all stay?
Bridger is close enough to be the cherry on top.

I stay in my house in 4 corners, just west of Bozone on MT-191. I work at MLB.
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We go to Big Sky every year in mid to late February. Last year was great conditions - fresh every day and no crowds
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We just sent in our deposit for a group trip to Big Sky in March (9-16). I assume the snow should still be good then. Looking forward to it!
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Don't forget ESA will be at Big Sky beginning March 30, the better to take advantage of the deep base and longer days.
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Good morning ut_hucker,
here is a link to all the flights into Bozeman.

Lots to choose from. The drive from the airport to Big Sky is about 1 hour.

Where to stay? Depends. Do you want to stay right at the mountain? How may people? Hotel or condo? Or would you be ok with a daily drive? (or you could just move in with Bunion for a week )

Feel free to PM me with more questions about Big Sky.
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Hi Ut Hucker,

Looks like you've been getting good advice on this thread, I live (work) in Big Sky and would be happy to answer any questions. Yep, non-stop flights from Salt Lake to Bozeman is a good bet, the drive is 6 hours.

For slopeside lodging, there's plenty of choices, Huntley's a good choice, it's the original resort hotel, but has been getting plenty of upgrades over the years, great breakfast and in the middle of the action. You could find a good deal on a new building opening this year, it's called Village Center, it's really close, happy to say more but don't want to get to commercial, after all, it's all been said, Big Sky/Moonlight . . . really big, steep and lift accessible.

Ursula failed to mention her place for a crash pad, might need to check on that.


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Welcome to Epicski Dax!!
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Yes, I heard we are all staying at Ursula's this March for ESA! I call sofa! and I like my eggs over easy soft please!
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OK, Bud, as long as you share the kitty condos with my 4 cats Trouble, Rocky, Lucky and Spitfire. I am sure they don't mind sharing their food with you either.
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Is that canned or dry?
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Some of it is furry, twitchy and still warm :
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Ooooh! mouse tartar! You really know how to treat a moocher!
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